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Hello my friends thought I would update you on a few things. The good news is that appears you guys really like me and my work. Enough so to keep this site running. I can even afford to feed those little fat kittens! You have no idea how much I hated

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Hello my valued and much loved members and those of you that just pass through.

The time has now come for me to be quite frank with you. Something I havent wanted to do at all. 

Many of you know when I first started this site, I made a point of not a

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Just a quick side note here, this report is actually from the 4/2 but Ive been so busy I forgot to get around to posting it. I read it, but got sidetracked. Typical in these new days of Q!

Cabalists plot anti-Trump counterattack in Toky

The Japanese

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special lady. Some of you may have heard of her if you are older, I'm guessing most have not.

Her name is Mae Brussell. What is so special about her you may ask? Actually there are many things and Im here

not mine - pulled it from redit/r/graetawalening

The island map :

I think the princes could be the 4 crown princes of Hell of the Satanic Bible written by LaVey :

  • Satan (Hebrew) "Lord of the Inferno": The adversary,

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I hope you take a good long and hard look at this meme to the left and just let that sink in for a moment. Does not anyone clearly see a very big problem here? How exactly do you think this was able to get to this point?

I will tell you how and it i

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Time to get your shovels out my little diggers! There is a nice new sand pile to play in known to us as the FOIA. There are 53 glorious pages for you to have yourselves a good little dig. Notice just on the first page all the request to Jeff Sessions

Some of you may recall from the other day that I was a little frustrated at having some cat help to delete a huge article I was working on. Only to come back and have it again lost due to computer freeze. I never did get back around to tackling it ag

So a funny thing happened this morning and in case you missed it Im going to lay it all out for you. All the steps that were taken just randomly to lead to a bit of a crazy outcome so far. Funny how things work with the internet.

Last night I posted

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Many on the right spent way to much time worrying about all the regulations, Obamacare and other things under Obama
What they missed, right under their nose, may be the biggest scandal of Obama and the progressive left
Obama and his minions regulated

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I just want to drop a couple here things here real quick. Will build more on it in a few. I do want you to see there is a marker in this though from Qs latest drop. Im also going to add the passenger list on the crash below.


Here is the Passenger Li

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Ok so, seeing as this was a huge dropped all zipped up  ton of files as people are beginning to discover, I decided I would put all the videos that were contained in the SES dump up for you at least to get you started since thats a little easier.


You know I was just sitting here doing what I do and wondering why there always seems to be an ebb and flow of support for our President amongst our ranks. Why some so easily get scared and nervous, why some give and take back their support. One day

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