Today I would like to introduce you to a very special lady. Some of you may have heard of her if you are older, I'm guessing most have not.

Her name is Mae Brussell. What is so special about her you may ask? Actually there are many things and Im here to show you some of them. You may actually be very surprised by the end of this article just how special she really was.

What follows below will probably amaze you at what this woman had accomplished. All the same things we are doing, but without  the luxury of a computer. Mere paper clippings from all over, digging and digging through them the old fashion way.

Mae was probably our nation's number-one, self-appointed conspiracy freak since the day Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. She has written hundreds of articles detailing the unpleasant connections between what most people consider diverse chapters in American history—like Oswald and Francis Gary Powers, the Kennedy murders and Watergate. For the past seven years, the house-wife-turned-crusader has shocked and dismayed listeners of her syndicated radio program, Dialogue: Conspiracy (KLRB-FM, Carmel, California), uncovering choice tidbits about everything from Chappaquiddick to Chowchilla. She unabashedly calls herself the country's best researcher.

Mae actually called a friend who was doing a write up about Charlie Manson because she had noticed certain connections.

A few months after the break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel, Mae realized she recognized names and methods of operation from all her assassination research. For example, she knew that Watergate burglar James McCord had crossed paths with Lee Harvey Oswald when both had been working for CIA intelligence, and that Frank Sturgis had been interrogated by the FBI in Miami the day after JFK was assassinated. She also had a possible tie between McCord and a "secret army" of police who allegedly had planned to disrupt the 1972 Republican Convention with riots and possible assassination attempts on Nixon, which would then be blamed on leftist radicals and hopefully result in a further shift to the right—possibly under the figurehead leadership of Spiro T. Agnew

And then there was L. Patrick Gray, who as acting director of the FBI would later burn evidence from the files of E. Howard Hunt and deep-six numerous documents. Mae recalled the murder of a Los Angeles reporter, Ruben Salazar, at the first Chicano-sponsored antiwar protest. U. S. Attorney Robert Meyer was later pressured by Gray into halting his investigation and resigning from his post. Mae called Meyer, asking if he would help with her research. She wanted to find out why the Justice Department in Washington was stopping an attorney in Los Angeles from investigating the simple killing of a reporter. A month or so later, ex-U. S. Attorney Meyer was found dead "of an apparent heart attack" in a parking lot in Pasadena.

Three weeks after the Watergate break-in, while the establishment press was calling it "a caper" and "a third-rate burglary," Mae Brussell completed a manuscript titled "Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?" She named names—John Mitchell, L. Patrick Gray, Richard Nixon, the FBI, the CIA.

"The CIA that killed President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy," she wrote, "did a test case in Greece on canceling elections. Andreas Papandreou, often compared with John Kennedy, appeared to have a good chance of winning the Greek election in 1967. The U.S. Army, the CIA and government agencies helped replace their elections with a coup d'etat. . . . The significance of the Watergate affair is that every element essential for a political coup in the United States was assembled at the time of the arrests."

Mae Brussell contends that Nixon's own Watergate plumbers, and the entire intelligence network they represented, were prepared to overthrow Nixon whenever it was deemed necessary by the true powers. Ultimately, she believes, the same men who brought Nixon to power via the Kennedy assassinations were also pulling the strings at Watergate.

Five days before Richard Nixon's would-be adversary, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated in Los Angeles, Mae Brussell handed a letter to Rose Kennedy, expressing her fear of imminent danger to his safety. A month before Mary Jo Kopechne died at Chappaquiddick, Mae warned Teddy Kennedy of "the nest of rattlesnakes" that wanted to abort his presidential possibilities. A few weeks before the SLA kidnapped the media as well as Patty Hearst, she told a Syracuse University audience that the SLA shooting of a black school superintendent in Oakland was merely the preliminary to a main event yet to come.

Pretty interesting woman wasnt she? Lets see what else she dug up that may be affecting our world now.

"After Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, I found it very interesting that one of the first things Ruby said was: 'I wanted to show them that a Jew had guts.'

Well, the most anti-Semitic man in Dallas was H.L. Hunt, and he was publishing Lifeline and was meeting with Reverend Billy Hargis and all these neo-Nazi groups and the Minutemen down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A radio script from a Hunt-owned station about being a 'hero' was found in Jack Ruby's car. No one ever asked him to explain how he got it.

The Wednesday before the assassination, Ruby took a young woman to Hunt's office, trying to get her a job. Suddenly the whole plot of the Kennedy assassination began to open up in front of me. Here was this Jew, Jack Rubinstein, being used to kill Lee Harvey Oswald. When the Warren Report came out, the very first witness I pulled to, the most important of the 552, was Oswald's friend George de Mohrenschildt, a man surrounded by neo-Nazi oil people, who was also suspected of being a Nazi during World War Two. De Mohrenschildt had set Oswald up with his oil-industry contacts in Texas. He also helped arrange for Oswald to get his job at the schoolbook depository and at the printing office where he learned all the details of the Dallas motorcade."

In 1977, shortly before he was to undergo more questioning, De Mohrenschildt purportedly "shot himself" to death with a shotgun. According to the report in the Dallas News, just prior to his death he had been under the impression—or delusion—that the FBI was out to "get him" and therefore had been in a mental ward at Parkland Hospital.

Mae Brussell spent eight years cross-filing the Warren Commission report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. She cross-filed every single minute of Jack Ruby's life that doubly fatal weekend, from Thursday (the day before Kennedy was killed) through Sunday (the day Ruby shot Oswald). She was able to account for his whereabouts totally, except for two hours in the afternoon on Saturday. Although she cannot prove it, she is convinced he was at the home of H.L. Hunt.

Are we seeing a very familar pattern here? Quite the digger wasnt she?

A turning point in her comprehension of the global aspect of conspiracy occurred when she came across the story of a Heidelberg professor named E. J. Gumbel, in the book Inspection for Disarmament by Seymour Melman. Gumbel was forced to resign from his academic post during the Nazis' rise to power, because of his unpopular stance as a pacifist and an anti-fascist. He wrote three books between 1919 and 1922—Four Years of Lies, Two Years of Murders and Four Years of Political Murders. In these, Gumbel documented over 400 political assassinations, most of which were admitted to by the Minister of Justice in 1924.

Mae Brussell began to study the pattern of Nazis coming to the United States after World War Two and patterns of murders identical to those in Nazi Germany. It was as if an early Lenny Bruce bit—on how a show-bit booking agency, MCA, chose Adolf Hitler as dictator—had actually been a satirical prophecy of the way Richard Nixon would rise to power. The parallels were frightening.

"How much violence was there in Nazi Germany," Mae wondered, "before the old Germany, the center of theater, opera, philosophy, poetry, psychology and medicine, was destroyed? How many incidents took place that were not coincidental before it was called Fascism? What were the transitions? How many people? Was it when the first tailor disappeared? Or librarian? Or professor? Or when the first press was closed or the first song eliminated? Or when the first political science teacher was killed coming home on his bike? How many incidents happened there that were perfectly normal until people woke up and said, 'Hey, we're in a police state!'

Utoh... Any lightbulbs going off with you folks yet?

"Hitler was gassed in World War One and they took him to the hospital and, according to a U.S. Navy Intelligence report, they brought in a Dr. Forster, a hypnotist, and they groomed him. They told him that he would have troops that would someday invade Russia and kick the Communists out. They hypnotized him so that he would always believe that he'd be a great leader, like Joan of Arc.

"Now, take a man like Nixon, a man who is going to be President of the United States. He's known for his poker playing, his straight face. He already has a proclivity for intelligence. He wrote to Hoover, asking to join the FBI. After World War Two, the great poker player of the South Pacific was assigned to the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, negotiating settlements of terminated defense contracts, where he helped escalate the importation of 642 Nazi specialists into the U. S. defense and aerospace industry—Project Paperclip. Then he gets a call from Murray Chotiner, who works with Howard Hughes and the Bank of America, inviting him to run for Congress against Jerry Voorhis. What did he have besides a poker face? In 1951 Senator Nixon introduced a bill to bring Nikolai Molaxa into the U. S. Molaxa was a former head of the Iron Guard and was allegedly involved in Nazi atrocities. Nixon set him up in an office of his own."

She was even smart enough to follow suspicious deaths just like we have begun to do and making the connections.

"Instead of just researching the deaths of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Mary Jo Kopechne, and the George Wallace shooting, I began collecting articles about the murders of people involved in those cases. And I began paying attention to the deaths of judges, attorneys, labor leaders, musicians, actors, professors, civil rights leaders—studying what I considered to be untimely, suspicious deaths."

One Example? Collusion between the Feds and local police? You dont say.

 Mae spends a day and a half cross-filing one ten-year-old article—"The Murder of Malcolm X" by Eric Norden—into some 30 different subjects. The actual motives behind the assassination. Collusion between Federal intelligence and local police. Involvement of bodyguards. Prime witnesses killed. Perjured testimony that doesn't fit the evidence. . .

The CIA wouldnt try and infect us with a disease would they? Seems they would.

"I found it interesting that the Cuban Watergate burglars—who were later given a $200,000 payoff by the CIA—were looking for the air-conditioning plans for the hotels in Miami, when later it was discovered that Legionnaire's Disease may have come through the air-conditioning ducts. There is the capability to use germs to neutralize people. The CIA has the germs. Legionnaire's Disease has the exact symptoms of a disease they were experimenting with at Fort Detrick, Maryland. When you hear of weapons control, you think of guns, tanks, planes, but you don't hear that they're selling germs, or that Nixon ordered Richard Helms to destroy the germs at Fort Detrick and Helms didn't. Nixon was put out as a bad man, isolated and ridiculed, but Helms went on to become ambassador to Iran and is immune to perjury charges."

There is no such thing as MKUltra. That is just a silly tale that comes from those crazy conspiracies .

"Jimmy Carter and the Pentagon can talk about disarmament, but the real tragedy is the chemical weapons used for mind control. Some people are programmed and have lost their minds. What we call the motiveless crime or senseless killings are actually people being trained as zombies."

Did you know  there was a Dr. Jose Delgado from Yale University, who was arguing against the proposed discontinuation of research into psychosurgery? Check out his speech:

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain."

Oh it gets better, well actually worse...

Of course there are government-funded programs paid for with our tax dollars. We are witnessing pockets of violence, because they are now able to electronically, surgically and hypnotically kill citizens. The army alone spent $26 million in projects to alter human behavior, and they not only did it with electrode implants but with LSD plus electrodes. They alter minds so that people act without knowing why. They can make someone murder a whole family and then kill himself."

Where better to find these people? Of course, this is  where the prison system comes in. It is like a farm team to develop "talent" for the outside world. "You can't just take anybody off the street and make him decide to walk up and shoot people," Mae insists. "But take people who have had no love or affection, who are in prison, who in adolescence broke a school window and the court put them away. You lock them up—heterosexuals with homosexuals—you break their spirit, dehumanize them, take away chances for education, increase their feelings of inferiority. If you have hostility combined with this lack of opportunities, you begin nurturing a situation where children or young adults like Charles Manson or Gary Gilmore—people with high intelligence but a lot of misery—sit smoking and watching TV, covering up their anger, and become very ripe for indoctrination. These are the people that they select for electronic or hypnotic control.

Obviously a woman that has done this much research has names, lots and lots of names. How many can you handle? Any surprises here?

Labor leaders: Waiter Reuther, Joseph Yablonski, Saul Alinsky, Jimmy Hoffa, Sam Bramlet—"And there was a contract to kill Cesar Chavez, from the Treasury Department no less—the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency. Meanwhile, Argentine, Chilean and Brazilian police squads are killing off labor people."

Mafia leaders: Sam Giancana, Jimmy Hoffa, John Roselli—"It was just a fluke that he bounced up; his legs were cut off and his torso put in an oil drum. Carlo Gambino—given a shot of swine flu inoculation when he had a heart disease. Sheffield Edwards was killed and William Harvey was killed—the CIA contacts with the Mafia people—and the CIA agent Guy Bannister was killed. He worked with Robert Maheu and with Lee Harvey Oswald, and he flew out a window. The same people who were behind it are alive today, and they're sweeping away the bodies. It's at the highest levels that these conspiracies are planned, not just with a few Cuban exiles."

Musicians: Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Mama Cass Elliott, Jim Croce, Tim Buckley—"And almost thirty other fine musicians have died under mysterious circumstances. Rock musicians had an ability to draw together youth at a time when protest meetings were being broken apart, and the hippie, antiwar youth became too visible with their own, unique art form at Woodstock. The Senate investigation documented that persons seeking 'racial harmony' and 'social protest' were defined as enemies of the state. Only people like Sonny and Cher, the Osmonds, John Denver and the Captain and Tennille make it as role models. They either have to tame you or kill you."

And then there's Freddy Prinze. "He was an active Democrat, entertained by the President at the White House, a symbol for the Chicano. He had a deep concern about who killed Kennedy. He had a copy of the Abraham Zapruder film, and he kept playing it over and over. Time magazine says he had an intrigue about death because he kept watching Kennedy die. Well, you could say he was worried about how Kennedy was killed.

"I know researchers who've played that film over two hundred times. It's not because they are preoccupied with death, but because it's perfectly obvious that the government is lying, that Kennedy's head is going back. And here's a guy, Freddy Prinze, who every time somebody comes over, he shows the film to them and talks about it. He tells a psychiatrist he's suicidal, who takes his gun, and then when he leaves, he hands it back to him. Then Freddy goes to Vegas and picks up a hundred Quaaludes from another doctor. The removal of Freddy Prinze means one less visual person from that stratum of society. They lose a symbol for the Puerto Rican kids sitting on the steps in New York. There are no positive visual images of Chicanos on the screen. No encouragement for the young ones, because this one's heavily doped and has blown his brains out."

Im pretty sure Mae had a crystal ball.

"I see pockets of fascism. You can still read about a Jewish butcher in Miami having his window broken every night, and in San José a bookstore broken into like in Nazi Germany, and Mein Kampf coming out all over Latin America. Those Nazis were brought there and now they're surfacing. The Rockefellers' attorney, Allen Dulles, consulted with Reinhard Gehlen, the Nazi intelligence chief, to form our own CIA. George Ball writes about getting rid of people by the millions. Patrick Buchanan writes an article justifying the use of torture. Zbigniew Brzezinski, head of our National Security Council, writes that 'with the use of computers, human behavior itself will become more determined and subject to deliberate programming,' and that 'it will soon be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen.'
"I believe that the Nazis and the Minutemen and the Christian movement are going to get very strong, and at the same time there's going to be a massive depression. I see large masses of people around the world being deliberately starved every day. I see terrible things happening to reduce the population of this earth, so that those who control the corporations don't have to provide for the needs of the poor."

So why did the bad guys let her live you might be wondering to yourself.

"The way they handle you is to ignore or discredit. But if I were at Madison Square Garden and had that big an audience, then I wouldn't be alive. I don't want to meet large masses of people. My role is mostly to educate people and let them figure it out for themselves. Tell them books to read and sources of information. The main contribution that I've tried to make with my research is to study things individually and then find the connecting links. I'm not a movement or organization, because if I had five people, one would probably be an agent. The ratio is four to one."

Last but not least, Mae came to her own conclusion of the exact same thing we are to this very day.

"When Hitler failed, his officers were brought to the U. S., from inside Rockefeller Center, and to the Bahamas and Southern states to build that dream of the Fourth Reich. It is in this context that the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, labor leaders, judges, entertainers, reporters, authors, students, Black Panthers, Indians, Chicanos and hippies are being slain, and why the masses are being doped into control."

Imagine that. I think we owe Mae a great big thank you and much respect. We must take her lead, sharpen our shovels and begin to dig with  a new vigor and determination. What say you?

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  • Boy she was a fact ferret and to think she did it all without computers! I put together over 500 pages of notes, articles, charts and graphs on the pandemic by copyingg and pasting. I would have never done that manually.

    She was definitely ahead of her time.

  • I would LOVE to learn from and be like Ms. Mae. Thank You for sharing.

  • Wow! I had never heard of this woman until now. My goodness she was brilliant. I will have to read up on her. Thank you for pointing this out to me. 

    • I thought you would appreciate her story. Thought she might inspire you also!


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