I cant say this really surprises me with all the sneaky stuff they are doing there. You know we only hear about a thimble full of it.I am going to highlite what did stick out to me though. All considered, we are all pretty lucky we are even still here to read this now after what they did.

Last Tuesday, an experiment gone awry killed three scientists and caused catastrophic damage to the planet’s largest super-collider, known as project CERN, a nefarious coalition of politically controlled scientists eager to subvert scientific achievements in the name of furthering ominous ventures that threaten humanity.


Dr. Ravi Mutnaj, a New Delhi based physicist formerly attached to CERN, said the incident occurred when scientists tried to enhance the collider’s magnetic coils by adding an additional eighteen hundred super magnets to the existing ninety-six hundred. The combined pull of the magnets, in conjunction with nine thousand filaments of magnetized cable, generate a force over 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth. Dr. Mutnaj said the accident occurred as the scientists attempted to create an interdiminsial gateway—or portal—to a parallel universe.  As protons fired across a seventeen-mile circular track six hundred feet beneath the ground, he said, temperatures rose to unprecedented levels, which caused a cascading system failure and a detonation that instantly obliterated a five mile stretch of the track and incinerated the trio of scientists working on the project.


“There was massive damage to the hadron collider,” Dr. Mutnaj said. “For now, CERN is effectively shut down. From what I hear, it will take at least seven months to repair the damaged section. These people are devious and despite the loss of life, humanity is better off with CERN offline. To create their portal, they wanted to accelerate and collide three beams of ions.”


The portal, he added, opened shortly before temperatures approaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit vaporized the scientists and part of the facility. The masterminds behind CERN believe portals are necessary in case Earth becomes uninhabitable; the gateways would provide a means of egress—and escape route—to a parallel world free of disease, famine, and suffering. But previous attempts to open portals, Dr. Mutnaj said, had the opposite effect—manifesting entry points to worlds filled with nightmash creatures or producing artificial singularities that could potentially annihilate life on Earth.


“It’s all about power. They felt by increasing the collider’s power they’d have a better chance of attenuating the opening to a desirable location. It backfired. They claim they’re doing this to save humanity but they are interested only in saving themselves and the elite. Even if they achieved their goal, average everyday people would not be welcome in whatever inhabitable world they discover. This setback gives us more time to find a way to counter their devious plans. I’m happy the explosion happened.”


Asked why the mammoth explosion did not generate an earthquake detectable on the Richter scale, Dr. Mutnaj said collider is encased in an underground bunker with fifteen-foot thick concrete walls on all sides. This safety measure ensures radiation remains contained in the enclosure and that mishaps cannot be detected by the outside world.


In closing, Dr. Mutnaj encourages citizens to petition French and Swiss governments to terminate the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s lease. Besides creating Portals, CERN has also engaged in other fiendish programs, such as tapping into dark matter and creating the God particle, any one of which could snuff out life in the blink of an eye



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  • The "elites" are well aware of incoming wave of energy that is headed toward our planet that will fundamenally change everything in our solar system as it pushes us into a higher octave from our current 3rd density into 4th density. They also know that due to their negative polarity, they will not be able to survive this energy wave when it hits.

    This energy wave eminates from the central sun of the Milky Galaxy as well as from the center of our Universe. Our sun acts as a portal of this energy wave. Since the 1960's, NASA scientists have been aware of a huge cloud of hyer-elevated electromagnetic energy which they call "local fluff' that is over 3,000 deg. C. As we've entered into it, many amazing changes have begun to occur to every planet in our solar system and the sun itself has begun to change as well. There is actually a lot of very interesting scientific data coming out this in bits and pieces, but no single main-stream scientist is putting it all together or talking about it in specific terms.

    However, there are many who are aware of this energy zone and its relationship to what was independently foretold over the last 5,000 years by no fewer than 48 world teachings and religions, including Christianity. In addition, it is the NUMBER ONE topic of conversation and point of "concern" among ALL extra terrestrial beings who have been in contact with individual people on earth as well humans involved in earth-based, highly advanced space programs. They are all aware of an approaching wave of energy that is generally referred to as "The Event" and of the effect it will have on planet Earth and her inhabitants.

    Christians know of it as the 2nd Coming because it is what Christ fortold would occur and is why he came to deliver his message of love and hope. But rather than it being a "supernatural" event, it is simply a cyclical occurance that the Creator programmed into the very fabric of our Universe in order to continue the process of evolution which was intended.

    Although The Event is not being widely talked about, some scientists are aware of its existance and have demonstrated proof of this in a number of ways. Its known to occur aproximately every 26,000 years and that its effect is profound in as it pushes animate and inanimate life into higher levels of consciousness and physial existance. It even fundamentally alters the structure of atoms and the nature of all things.

    There are many beings from other worlds who have experienced and lived through this type of energy wave event because it occurs everywhere in our Universe like clockwork. When it happens here, our world will truly enter a new state of being where people will gradually begin to live incredibly long and healthy lives, be kinder and more considerate to themselves and to others, and as a result, will fundamentally change society and how we live. Many highly advanced technologies will be made available to us along every conceiveable line to improve the quality of life. Prophecies that refer to the result as the "golden age" are almost an understatement.

    It is my personal belief that the Cabal in control of our planet have intentionally witheld the truth of The Event from us in order to maintain their control over us. When we have no hope for a better tomorrow, it is easier to keep us towing the line of submissive service to them. They have chosen to follow a path of extreme negative polarity and they literally feed off of the fear of the masses by creating wars and constant infighting among us.

    The evil "Elites" are fully aware of the eminent appraoch of this wave of energy and know they will not be able to survive it due to their negative polarity, thus they are desparately looking for a way out of our solar system to avoid contact with it and apparently were pinning their hopes on CERN. The explosion has disabled CERN for at least seven months. Even if their project hadn't imploded on itself, it would not have succeeded. Our solar system is currently under a blockade in order to prevent them leaving as it is imperative that they remain here to face the results of their evil deeds. The same beings who are enforcing a physical blockade, have the ability to prevent even a highly technological escape plan such as CERN and are keeping a close eye on these people.

    For some reason, this calls to my mind the Bible quote that tells us there will be those who cry out to the rocks to fall on them to hide them from the brightness of his glory.

    Descriptions from ancient world religions and teachings as well as from ET's who have experienced it before pretty much all say the same thing. Here are a few common points:
    ~ We've already begun to feel the effects of the waves of energy that have been reaching our planet. If we were to experience it crashing into us all at once, no one would be able to survive.
    ~ "The Event" itself will actually be visible and happen in a number of waves over a period of several years. 
    ~ The first wave hasn't happened yet. When it does, everyone will know. Like the Bible says, "every eye will behold it".
    ~ It will eminate from the east, again just like foretold in the Bible.
    ~ It looks like irridescent waves of light that will come toward us like smoke. Many describe it like the aurora borealis but it will permeate everything and will be seen around us.
    ~ When it happens, everything will come to a stand-still as people will feel extremely tired. Most will need to lie down. People will likely feel a buzzing and tingling sensation. It will affect people differently depending on their frame of mind toward it. If they are really afraid and resist it, it may be an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience, but if they just "allow it", it will not be unpleasant at all.
    ~ After its over, people will feel an incredible sense of euphoria; a "blissed-out" feeling, not unlike being high.
    ~ People who are of an extreme negative polarity will not be able to tolerate this light. Some will leave us before this occurs, others will leave during or even after the initial wave of the Event. They may depart by dying or by physically leaving this planet. There is no judgement in leaving and this is a choice they have already unconsciously made. Those who leave will do so because they simply are not ready to exist in a planet that is at a higher octave of density.
    ~ The timeframes being given state that the first wave will happen very soon as within the first half of this year. Overall, the waves are expected to cease within 3-5 years time.

    The Event is almost here and everyone has already made their decision, be it conscious or unconscious. In other words, it's exactly like the Bible says, "let him who is holy, be holy still..he who is unholy let him be unholy still." The goats have been separated from the sheep. Unlike what we're taught in Christianity, however, there is no judgement against those who are "goats" because we will all understand that each person is simply at a different point in their own soul evolvement. If someone simply isn't ready to exist in a higher density world, they will be able to leave to continue their existence on a planet that is still at 3rd Density.

    The effects of the changes that will begin to happen will be remarkable, but will happen at a pace we can handle. Initially, life will continue on much as it has before, but the higher level of consciousness/awareness, will cause us to begin to see things in a very different light and behave in a different way. For awhile, there will still be a lot of people here who ultimately will leave because their polarity is not positive enough to maintain existance in the higher density. The evil elite will be gone who have controlled the world-wide banking systems and had a strangle-hold on advanced technology, thus we will likely begin to implement key changes to our financial systems immediately and over time, shift to a differnet system alltogether. Basically, for the first time ever on our planet, we will be able to truly implement rule by the will of the people on a scale we've never dreamed possible.

    The shift from 3rd Density to 4th Density is not sudden, but gradual, like thousands of pixels in a picture changing hue one at a time in a cascade, so on an individual basis for each person, there will come a point for them to leave if they can't tolerate the change in density. This is ultimately determined by their predominate polarity. If they are a higher percentage service to self (negative polarity) instead of service to others (positive polarity) they will simply not be able to exist on a planet that has fully transitioned to 4D.

    The most highly polarized negative people will die when the first wave hits and because they are the ones behind 99% of the fighting in the world, we will feel an immediate effect. Afterward, there will still be negative people here, but the consciousness shift everyone experiences will be so profound as to have an immediate effect on world politics, the dynamics between people, groups, and nations. Wars and fighting will cease.

    I understand that most of those who even bother to read what I've written will think this is crazy, but I'm OK with that. I just feel I need to get it out there so that when it happens, you'll be a little more prepared. It's also my desire to spread "hope". The world as we know it is about to change for the better in ways we've never allowed ourselves to hope or dream for. Growing up as a Christian, I was always waiting for the 2nd Coming of Christ but feeling like it would never actually happen. I'm so blessed to be alive at this point in Earth's history. All of us are!


    • Count me in on one who has read  your great comment. Also count me in on being one who is aware of The Event. So no, you dont sound silly to me at all. I think we may have other members that are also aware of it. Hopefully they chime in as well.

      I have always wondered at what stage this happened before as far as going back the 26000 years. That has been a little hard to pinpoint. If we are as old as real scientist believe and not what we are taught in school this has happened on numerous occasions.

      There was actually a show on Mysterious Universe in the past week or so that does touch on how far we really go back and also on the many teachings Religious wise. Also included was how the quantum factor comes into play amd of course dimensions.

      We are lucky to be alive now indeed. I have gone from growing up in the Beaver family to now nearly living in the Jetson age.

      The one thing about cern I do always keep in the back of my mind, is while it does seem to be doing very dark things now I do beleive we are living in what will become Cerns future History. In other words living in the future, Cern will be looked back upon as being where time travel etc was all started. Id love to see more positive minds behind it though.

      Great post and Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good job!

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