Yes this one is for those that just aren't getting why the things they want to happen yesterday are not happening today. Have you even stopped to consider just how unreasonable you are really being?

Lets just take Q  out of this equation right now. Now let us consider a couple of things. Besides we the old tin foil hat wearers of days long gone by, just how many of you really had a clue all this was really going on? All ths crime and theft and even Traitor actions taken against our country? Hell Im guessing quite a few of you were Democrats up until this last election and I bet if any of your friends tried to tell you any of this a couple of years ago, you probably poopooed them and said they lost their minds.

Yet now look at you. All this has been going on for years right under your noses. Who is going to be honest and admit yes they did vote for for alot of these crooked people hmmm? Im safe in guessing there is a good handful of you here. Maybe even voted twice. Dont worry I wont out you. You know who you are.

Here we are 6 months later and you are starting to get whats been going on that others have tried to tell you way back when? Now you have the audacity to get cranky or nervous or to demand action be taken against the ones you may have put right into office to begin with??? Seriously? Tsk Tsk and shame on you. 

How many ducks do you seriously think it takes to get all in a nice neat tidy row to make any actions taken to make this all stick? Have none of you ever been involved with the court system? How many of you still have something thats been locked in the system you are still waiting years later to finally be resolved? How many lost cases because there was one little duck walking out of line???

Yet still, if one little thing appears to be out of pocket now you become indignant or nervous nellies. You are all set to throw in the towel right then and there ever damn time. What kind of support do you call this anyway? You finally have someone willing to take this all on and get it cleaned up but still, waaaa, stomp feet, boohoo it hasnt HAPPENED YET whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 

Get real people. You are either behind this and will keep the faith and trust in all the things you will never see going on, nor all the ducks being hearded into place, or, just why bother at all hmmm?

There is no in and out of this game. Not this time. Stakes are too high. I wont say mmmm or get off the pot but you know damn well what I mean here. Quite panicing. You should have seen enough by now that the crazy twist and turns still end up working out ok and once again you get to take that little sigh of relief. Lol and they you start all over and do the same thing again. I really just dont get it. Makes no sense.

Now if my little rant hasnt made you happy then lets try considering why things dont happen fast from a totally legal perspective and then maybe you will get it and calm down a little bit. After all Im just a Yig with an opinion here.

"Are there still those who doubt?"


I’m afraid there will still be quite a few…


A good example is the IRS Lois Lerner issue. People frantically calling for arrests and indictments and whatever. Such demands expose folks who haven’t taken the time to learn how our "system" works, e.g., Why has Sessions let her off the hook?! The whole point is that you have no way of knowing this. You have no way of ever knowing whether they impaneled a grand jury and whether they refused to hand down indictments or not. You don’t necessarily have to have served on one or testified in front of a grand jury to be aware of the nature of how this works. They are secret by definition, and even the target may not know what happened. So it is possible they already tried and failed, or yes, never tried at all.


Many keep tossing out "arrest" as well, as if this is similar to how a local cop arrests a citizen for DUI or something. But an arrest for any charge (except maybe terrorism) starts a clock for which that person gets held, before they get charged by a district attorney’s office, and if the charge is a felony it reverts to the fifth amendment process of a grand jury in most states, or probably a judge’s preliminary hearing in a few others. Almost everything we are looking at is a federal felony, and there is no doubt that those require a federal grand jury, and that means a federal prosecutor and yes, local citizens of that jurisdiction serving as members.


And that is the rub. Sessions first needed to get his prosecutors in place before even considering a felony action on anyone (imagine how a Preet Bharara might foul it up and fail to secure an indictment). Then, once you have reliable prosecutors in place you have to consider the constituents of a district who will be drawed upon to make up the grand jury. (Washington D.C. vs NOVA vs Southern NY vs all the others, and guess where most of them will occur). There is a very steep mountain to climb just to secure an indictment because that political demographic means a huge double standard serving to protect the left and help crucify the right. And then once you get past all that somehow, you ultimately wind up in a jury trial ('prosecution') where the leftist perp gets yet another chance at vindication from O.J. jury nullification after all that work. It is quite a challenge to bring any anonymous leftist to justice, let alone big name political leftists who everyone knows by name.


But by all means, folks will continue to disregard the actual battlefield conditions that Attorney General Sessions or anyone else actually faces and skip right over the facts and hand wring and scapegoat the man. Talk about a thankless job which is probably the hardest job there is anywhere in government (if you are not a leftist of course, for them it is simple).





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  • Wise words spoken crystal clear. Im on this train til the end of the line.

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