Now that you folks are starting to get the gist of what the SES is really all about, I thought I would share a little more of Kristine Marcys portfolio. I only gave you a small glimpse of her actions taken during 911. This is where it gets really dirty. Be sure you are prepared for this. Once you read it, you cant unread it..

Keep in mind this is from a book her own Brother Field McConnell (Abel Danger) has written.He has been trying to expose her for years to basically be mostly ignored by most. This tide is turning now Thankfully.

I can only have these graphic so big on the page, but they should be clickable as per usual. One other thing to keep in mind when reading. Take a very careful look at the names listed in the second graphic. These people arent innocent either.


GRAPHIC 2: Observe all the names

GRAPHIC 3: Last warning before proceeding to read

GRAPHIC 4: You got this far no sense stopping now

 Please dont shoot the messenger, but it is important to be known. If you think it will make you feel any better at all, maybe try keeping the word used throught the information "Allegedly" in mind. That is really all I  have to offer from that point of view. Plus seriously speaking, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is really going to begin coming out sadly.

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  • Thanks for this Yig, and your unwavering commitment to the truth.  Major respect!!

  • this site is like freely talking with GOD..


    • Lol while as flattering as this statement is, I dont think I would goo THAT far! Thanks though :)

    • Dont kid yourself Yig. You are the chosen one. or Few. Thank you.


    • Oh no no no.... Im just a little ol lady sharing what I know is all. I wouldnt even know anything about that kind of responsibility nor would I want it. Simply onehuman is all I am :)  

  • can you link the pages? especially well know names

    • There is a whole list of names on the second graphic. Im actually a little reluctant to post much more though I wont stop anyone else from doing it. I think I have dropped enough to give you folks a head start. Now you need to dig a little on your own and make your own discoveries. Easy enough to do a search for SES members. Theres almost 10000  of them, 7000 carry overs from Obama. My first post about the SES has more in it here:

      There are names in this post too:

      Good luck!


      Confused about SES? Give me 15 Minutes to make it Easier
      (UPDATE: PETITION ADDED TO SIGN BELOW) Now I realize I did say I would try and make this easier for you to understand, but the key to understanding i…
  • There are hours of shows from Abel Danger that have much much more on YouTube. Sadly, in the last month, those videos have been taken down. Abel Danger can still be viewed on Discord, Steemit, and by the Livestream App.

  • Is there more?

    • There is always more, but not really sure what you mean by your question. More ??? Need a little more direction here to answer that

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