Figured while we are discussing wives and McCabe just got fired, why not share a little info about his Wife Jill that I came across. While most of you are aware that she got a pretty sizable donation from the Clinton Foundation, as you will see there is actually a few more things that have happened one should probably find questionable as well. The thing to keep in mind about this article is that it was posted back in  2015. Imagine what she has been up to since then.

Friday, Mar. 13, 2015 by Trevor Baratko

Democrat Jill McCabe, a pediatric doctor and medical professional, announced Thursday she will challenge incumbent state Sen. Dick Black in Virginia's 13th District.


McCabe, who has worked at Inova Hospital since 2006 and formerly chaired the Department of Pediatrics, is making her first bid for public office.


A Democrat who had previously announced a candidacy for the Senate's 13th District, Tom Mulrine, is stepping aside for McCabe to swiftly become the nominee.


"I'm running for Senate because I am inspired by the idea of making a greater impact in our community," McCabe, who also chairs the Loudoun Country Day School Board of Trustees, said in a statement. "Healthcare, public policy and business are intersecting now more than ever. I believe that my experience as a health professional, a working mother and an education leader have helped prepare me to tackle the challenges facing the Commonwealth today. From affordable healthcare to full-day kindergarten, we have a responsibility to give our children the very best Virginia has to offer."


The 13th District covers portions of eastern Loudoun and Prince William counties.


Why is Democrat Candidate Jill McCabe Hiding?

Dr. Jill McCabe, Democrat candidate for the Virginia Senate in the 13th district, recently got a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood because of her pledge to fight against oversight or additional regulations of abortion clinics.


Oversight and investigations are clearly needed in the wake of the Planned Parenthood scandal which has uncovered the common and illegal practice of selling baby body parts.


The third Planned Parenthood video was released this week showing an aborted baby while Planned Parenthood doctors discussed how much money they could get for his various baby parts. I won’t post that video here because I cannot bear to watch it again but you can view ithere.


Jill McCabe released a statement to the press indicating her strong support of Planned Parenthood, despite the Planned Parenthood scandal rocking the country. In a recent interview McCabe said she supports the practices of Planned Parenthood:

“I’m a doctor, and I take care of patients, including women,” McCabe said when asked whether she still welcomes Planned Parenthood’s support. “Women need health care choices and Planned Parenthood provides that. That’s kind of the end of it for me.”


Planned Parenthood has endorsed Dr. Jill McCabe


Dr. McCabe has hidden herself from the public throughout this campaign. She won’t tell the public on her Facebook page or Twitter feed where or how they can meet the candidate. There is no way to reach the candidate.  During the rare appearances by Jill McCabe, her campaign staff act more like body guards, standing as a buffer between Jill and the public.  One staff member will stay with her and the other will wade into the crowd to find friendly faces and lead them back to the candidate so they can hold court with the queen….oh, I mean candidate.  However, only those who have been properly vetted by the staff members can speak to Jill McCabe.  Even her website shows no way to contact her. All of McCabe’s events are private and by invitation only. The public is not welcome, ever.


Dr. Jill McCabe is the Democrat seeking to unseat Sen. Dick Black in the 13th district. This is her first run for office and her elevator pitch is rather standard fare.


Yes, it’s a rich tapestry. But inside the good Doctor’s fundraising totals were a few donations — totaling $5,500 — that raise eyebrows.

The donations come from the Marquardt family of Utah. Never heard of them? They own and operate something called Management Training Corporation (MTC), a company that operates private prisons under government contracts and “claims to be the third-largest private prison operator in the country.”


Fair enough.

But MTC and the prisons it oversees have had a number of problems, some of which have resulted in investigations of sexual abuse of prisoners, poor living conditions, and poor health care for detainees.


Can you imagine what her Bedside manner must be like? Yeah, Dont think it would be for me either. Seems like an awful lot of pretending to care, to me anyway. You?


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  • These idiots got so complacent they are all conncted like a big daddy chain.Its awesome to watch swamp This is such a huge time for this whole planet glad to be here for it. #POTUS he is the best blows me away

  • Man oh man there is so many of these shithole people in FBI CIA so wrong please drain the swamp and encourage whistle blowers to step in and talk and sing like birds. Come on guys you can do it. We know you are reading this site so please help.


  • This is great stuff.  You know whose wife I want to know more about is Jason Chafitz's wife.  I've done a little bit of digging on her.  If I remember, she's a doctor or dentist or something.  She's in medical but looked squeaky clean.  I can't stand Jason.  He's such a phony-gold digger, social whore.  Why did he recently step down from his office?   Do you remember when he bullied Rep. Mark Meadows *a true patriot* and took away Meadow's chairmanship gavel on the House Oversite Committee, just because Meadowns would vote along party lines on an issue? He had the gaul to make a bid for Speaker of the House, when John Boehner resigned, after meeting the Pope.  DC is a shithole.

    • Awww Joan tell us how you really feel! By all means feel free to post whatever you find on her. Im sure others will be just as curious to know. I will keep my eye out while through my travels

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