This might be the beginning of the fall perhaps.iTS NOT EVERYDAY you see shady banks with a lot of pull behind the scenes actually taken down. Might this be the first domino that starts the chain reaction? If anything Im glad this reporter they murdered is getting revenge from the grave. Sad she had to die first though for putting the truth out there and having action finally taken about it.


First up so you can recall who she is or was:


Fullsized image

Then an article she wrote to give you an idea what she was working on:


Fullsized image


Fullsized image


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  • Kay Griggs' video is so full of Names! she was in the middle of them >_< 7 hrs is a long time. I am in the final hour now 

    I also watched some of Eustace Mullins' videos.  she mentions him, I'd just seen the video.. what a Ride! I am making a DVD of her and Credo Mutwa to give to someone who refuses to talk about politics.  since she is encouraging her 13 yr old granddaugther to march on the capitol she Best be informed!  Roseanne Barr's show will be on ABC Tues night. she is a Trump supporter. Her show will be about the division of opinions14203916?profile=original

  • you mean some bad guys are actually going to swing? :)  

    my eyes are too fried to read all this.  been watching videos I liked to from this site yesterday

    Kay Griggs 7 hr video I am still watching {sounds like the marines is in bed with satan 

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LAUREN NEVILLE commented on Yig Wilson's video
"How long? How long do we need to endure this crap?. I consider myself pretty strong with a lot of faith, but honestly it is getting old. Even WWII didn't last this long (counting from when Trump came down the escalator). Endless (useless)…"
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Tina Peters stops by for a Wonderful Surprise Chat!
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"thank you Lauren."
Sep 13
Whoa Hoss replied to Yig Wilson's discussion The Fall of the Cabal
"I fully agree this series, these videos are well worth reviewing and sharing with friends and family young adults and oldsters.   The oldsters actually will likely have their own stories to add.   We all suspect troubling changes.   This series will…"
Sep 13
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For those interested. I thought you might want to know that Madame  Belenoff has posted a new letter in regards to the Queens Passing. Very interesting.
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The Last Refuge really hits a Home Run in this 4 part rollout about what is probably in those documents the fbi wants to badly. If you decide to read through the 4 parts, which you really should, you will learn there has been some real monkey…
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"The Methuselah Foundation.  That's a HELL of a creepy site!  "Making 90 the new 50 by 2030."  Fits perfectly with Agenda 2030, they focus on organs, AI, transhumanism, Oprah Winfrey associated with them, NASA is linked with them, they talk of Mars…"
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