This anon showed up on 4 chan and started dropping information on 7/19. I will do my best to tie it all together for you, plus add some other information that came up as well. There is a lot and this may take a couple of pages. We shall see. At least Part 1 will be part 1 this time I promise!

I do have to mention some of the conversations may be a bit "colorful," but Im sure there is nothing you havent really heard before and I doubt you will melt away. Besides this is a site for grownups and a place to be yourself and express free speech anyway.

I am going to start with a drop they made today though just so you can see what they say as to why they are doing this. I will call them "HA" from now on and I will use "A?" to stand for a Anon Asks a ?

If you would like to read his first drops from 7/19 this is a graphic of them. It is clickable, but will be hard to read probably. Im going to add a link where you can enlarge it and I am also going to upload for easier viewing so you now have choices. Just be sure to click on themmm one more time after you have opened them so they will enlarge.

This is the link to view larger:

This is my upload for you: Hollywood anon 1st convo.jpg

This is the Graphic you can expect to see:

HA DROP 7/21

Hwood anon here. A lot of celebs post on the website. Gary Oldman and I use to shitpost in /b/ back in the day. I know for a fact James Woods, Randy Johnson, and Pauly Shore post on 4chan too. most stay away from /pol/ because you guys can decipher who anybody is by just studying there typing style haha. the reason i've "come out" is because this year my passive income from the movies i made expires and i dont care anymore.

Anyways time to drop some info.

A new movement is emerging in Hwood. Before Hwood wanted to push pedophilia to the forefront. They tried to hook up Ariane Grande with some older fella but analytical data showed people wouldn't support it (hwood think thanks have predicted that once %15 of the population support pedoshit then they could emerge from underground)…especially now with the rise of Trump and 4chan pedo-hunting squad its on the backburner now. Now they are switching tactics. this is where jews true colors show. on one end some jews want more media with toddler-toddler relationships and teen sex.. on the other end other jews are mad because they love virgins and they know pushing kids to have sex with each-other will dilute the pool of available virgins. sumner redstone is on the camp of the former. while Tim Buckley is to the latter camp.

also the casting couch is true for men too. ACTUALLY ITS WORSE. a actress might suck a dick, maybe take two dicks at once, but actors have it way worse.

Globus and Golan use to traffic arms into PLO camps for false flags. they also finessed South Africans by sending Mossad to steal SAs nuke secrets.

most "spies", "agents", etc don't operate how you think. they operate right in front of your eyes. they come out in films, they legislate our laws, they own thinkthanks/banks/foundations/silicon valley techfaggots, etc.


HA DROP 7/20

Hwood anon here. I posted yesterday on the 1st Gunn thread (i think it was the 1st). Anyways an old bud called me yesterday to warn me about my tweets and other social media(i scrubbed all my redpills years ago. i pass off as a "normie"). Right now celebrities are paying "hackers" to scrub all offensive content. My bud dropped 100racks(that's how scared celebrities are right now) to have his profiles from fetlife and other seedy sites scrubbed.

anyways guys you have the power in your hands now. if i was a bunch of you I would start digging into the tweets(and old socialmedia) of all these celebrities you hate. you guys could ruin so many careers with a few screenshots.

PS I'll be at the grammy this year wearing green socks. Remember this thread.

PS Hi Slate, Greenberg, Koch, Soda Pop, Tellem Grody you guys can't bullshit your way out of this.

PS Hi Cellebrite :) You guys can't scrub everything from the internet.

NSO Group is already operating on the grounds of major studios. They pose as regular computer folk that just maintain the computer system but in reality they are there to monitor communications, get rid of evidence, etc.

i know paramount for sure has them. the nephew of Jim Gianopulos was the one who contracted them.


A?: post pic of exact socks for confirmation and which celebrities should we bee looking into for a start?

HA: bright green socks. nobody uses bright green socks. and all of them. all A list (and B list as well) are all compromised. like i said before hollywood operates as a mafia. actually worse then a mafia because they are basically legal. to become a top paying performer you have to be a "made man" and do shady shit. i did shady shit myself like bribes and PnP until i was told to either be turned out or be blacklisted. i chose the former. i don't get roles anymore but i dont care about money or fame.

i chose the latter i mean haha oops im getting old

A?: how do you know you and your socks will be visible at the grammys? you must be on stage at some point for this to be true, no?

HA: check out pictures. i'm gonna take some short pants so the green can be visible. i doubt i'll be interviewed but for sure i'll come out inthe press.


A?: It's actually a really good idea, save everything that in the future could possibly be used. "Anything you say can and will be used against you"

HA: yup. hollywood is a frenzy right now. the whole metoo movement exploded in their faces haha.


A?: Are you Irish?

HA: let's just say im a based black man


A?: What do you know about the tranny epidemic in hollywood? I hear theres many of them

HA: trannys are the favorite play things of a lot of actors. since trannys are the new civil rights groups a lot of actors/actresses are looking into transitioning for bigger roles and to be cemented into hwood history as "pioneers and freedom fighters"


A?: Wut up T-Crew! So what's gonna be the tipping point for when the shit hits the fan?

HA: haha not at all. T-Crew and Hart sold themselves out long ago. i don't blame them money and fame (plus knowing you can have your life ruined by kikes) are great motivators.


A?: Can I get into Hollywood? I am writing a script rn. Would send it to competitions or directly to somebody. But I would do everything for the Messiah, the poor children and this board. I have nothing to lose. Can you help me? Somehow?

HA: if you write a script make sure to lawyer up before you go in to sell it. most newcomers have to go through kikes who then subvert your intentions and before you know it your bossed around, told how to act, how to think etc. nobody is immune from this not even writers, hell not even camera man. like i said hwood operates like a huge mafia. the only advice i can give you is: PLEASE DON'T BECOME APART OF HWOOD(the entertainment business in general). it will destroy your soul. there's a reason so many celebs become junkies. just keep on doing what you guys are doing on 4chan. you guys are literally the biggest threat to the entertainment industry. theres so many Hwood firms lurking in here they are shitting their pants


A?: Interesting; do you have any ideas on who's going down next? Or anyone freaking out more than the others?

HA: everyone is freaking out lol. the next to go down are black rappers. they want to ruin black rappers to:
1) have kike and white artists take over
2)black rappers are hard to control but easy to destroy because of there destructive lives
3) keep rap jew owned since a lot of blacks are starting there own record companies
4)switch the medias focus from kike hollywood to black hollywood
5)black rappers are starting to distance themselves from progressive ideals so it's hard to keep them in check
Most black rappers are woke on the JQ but don't know how to articulate well enough to not be ruined.


A?: I love Mickey Rourke, is he a good guy? Any dirt?

HA: MR is addicted to plastic surgery, steroids, and drugs. i feel sorry for him but i'm not familiar with his character


A?: What is the minimum degeneracy you have to do to get famous? Conversely how famous can you be if you get into uber degeneracy w/o talent?

HA: lol believe me when i tell you all A+ actors/actresses have either been turned out, kiddy diddlers, drug addicts, blackmailed, debt slaves, prostitutes, israeli assets, etc. i myself partook in PnP and bribes back in the day


A?: Please tell me Senpai Mel Gibson is a good person I don’t think I could take it otherwise

HA: yes. his father is even a bigger badass.




Was wondering how you'd react once you saw how far things escalated. You really lit a fire under this place's ass. 12 hours later, dude's life was ashes. Oh, and I dunno if you caught this, lol.

HA: lol i knew that Gunn faggot was ruined after the 1st thread haha. working in Hwood is like living in 1984 you are thought controlled


A?: Did they suicide Bernie Mac? 

HA: bernie was hated by the kikes but he was a money bringer.. not sure if they killed him but i would not be surprised after they killed my buddy Red Foxx


A?: are you not worried these dicks are going to be on the look out for your socks?

HA: i don't care anymore. i've already invested into gold, crypto, real estate, restaurants, oil, etc so i can't be financially ruined. and i don't care about my reputation anymore. the only reason i've "Come out" is because we are at a point we've never been before. HOLLYWOOD IS FUCKING SCARED. before when somebody tried to come out with the truth they'd be ruined or whacked. now with the internet (and fucking 4chan) they don't know what to do. 4chan is the biggest enemy to kike hollywood. they are scared of you guys. hell even i'm a bit scared of you people. you guys have more internet/realworld power (i dont know if those are the correct terms sorry) then the companies they contract for hundreds of millions of dollars hell even some Fed agencies.


A?: What do you think about Lloyd Kaufman? I guess shit makes sense due to all the fucked up shit in his movies, but he consistently spoke out against how shit hollywood was and that he never sold his soul to the elites. Is it true he's no different than the rest of them?

HA: like i said any director in hwood is already a mademan in the hwood mafia and has done the most degenerate things you can think of


A?: Have a closer look at James Gunn’s connection to the Oakwood Apartments in Hollywood. Also check out the Photographer he mentions in hisntweed, Ama Lea


my friend all modeling agencies hwood photographers, models, art houses, out reach groups, celebrity foundations, etc are all fronts for criminal activity. the jewish mafia is the hwood mafia.

the Moran Bondaroff art house was used by the Israelis aka hwood kikes to launder money

a lot of child photographers sell CP to the elites

most model agencies before going on a photoshoot set up hidden cameras and the like to compromise there clients. this in turn starts the corruption of the models fresh in hwood

that famous Gia bitch or whatever her name was use to be passed around by the cohen brothers and the tranny director brothers.
















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