Seems Fiona Barnett has been Pulling the Wool

This just showed up on the 8 and man o man its a doozy. I've started reading it, but I figured you guys might want to get on it asap because its very detailed. Someone did a deep dive on Fiona Barnett and its looking like she isnt who she says she is. I have always felt there was something wrong with her picture, now I feel a bit redeemed. Just from what Ive read so far in the file, I dont see how anyone could still hang on in believing anything she puts forward from here on out. Though Im guessing many will still hang on regardless.

From the Chan:


Fiona Barnett claims that Helena Holowczak is her grandmother who sex-trafficked her from

the age of 2 up until 13 years old, along with her step-grandfather Peter Holowczak, who she

sometimes refers to as Poitre. She states that Peter and Helena often took her to be sexually

abused by members of the Nazi community who had settled in an area south of Sydney, which

ran from the Sutherland Shire to Wollongong. These are allegedly the parents of her alleged

father Frank Holowczak, aka Mitek Frank Holowczak, aka Mitek Rylko. Fiona Barnett also

alleges she has six siblings and two daughters, Kasia and Sophie.

 Who’s names are missing from this headstone? ALL OF THEM. Hundreds of pieces of

indisputable evidence, with direct links and screenshots are in this document below. There are multiple bad actors involved with this operation. This is not a single woman behind all of this.

 IMPORTANT: The purpose of this evidence is to expose the operation for what it is –

destroying victims lives, as well as advocates for children, to create chaos, division, and an

army of doers, plus much more. DO NOT attack Fiona’s alleged family members, and

most certainly DO NOT attack the real Holowczak family.

 Most importantly, it would not

be advised to attack the other players involved. INSTEAD, EXPOSE IT ALL.





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  • I do not believe this stuff you have said and I do believe that Fiona is telling the truth. I also believe that all the higher MSM are involved including most of our politicions, judges, lawyers, high ranking police and many others are definitley involved in crimes against humanity and peadophilia. This will all come in in just a few more weeks and you will need to retract all this rubbish. Shame on you.

  • I think it's a shame you have caused a warior to retreat by flinging arrows at a truthteller. You have not read her complete blog whichs she has now taken down due to the influx of harrassment lately.

    She is a very Godly inspiration and help to others who struggle with the same misfortune of knowing what has been done to them in the past and yet  still alive yet suffering. Her family suffers her pain with her.

    This report is a bunch of crap and only meant to confuse and delude people. Likely written by a satan/demon posessed pathological asshole.

    Too bad you can't read the truth since she removed access to articles she wrote that differ from this crap. I have collected them over years.

    The article is meant to destroy her desire to continue to make public the travesty of evil in men who give themselves over to the dark side.

    She has the heart of God and and instead reached out to others in pain to stand by them, knowing the pain and distortion they live with.

    What in the hell would you think her motive would be to fool people when she did so much good for those like herself?

    The so called proof is ridiculous compared to her real life.If you want to run someone down for being a con-man pick on Craig "Sawman" Sawyer, a fraud from start to finish.

    • You know Kathy, this report first showed up on the 8 and it was well vetted soon after because thats what the anons do. You have any idea how many Anons also posted it to their sites?

      I am not the one to run her off, not by a long shot. IF I thought it was all bs I would have never shared it, but I did read all 114 pages and the dig proves itself in all the connections.

      Let me ask you something Kathy, a real easy question. Who are some of the people on Twitter you consider real solid diggers? Who do you turst for the most part to do a rightious dig and give you the facts? Im curious and would really love to know :)


    • Personally, I think it is a waste of energy to be "defending" or not, one person or another!!  All that does is keep us distracted from the Bigger Picture, which is what we need to focus on!!

      My first husband was an abusive, religious conman....why should I waste my time in trying to "prove" to everybody that he WAS??  Better to move on in more enlightened circles continuing my Personal Journey back to Source!!

      Things are "happening" & we need to be Lights in our own personal orbits, ready to help confused Normies understand what is going on when things break wide open & they HAVE to start seeing the lies we have all been subjected to for the past decades!!

      Remember.....Divide & Conquer is the Enemy's strategy;  Let's not fall for that!!  

  • so was kappy snowed by her ?? or was he in on it and more-so is he dead and are all ther peop;e he called out really bad 

    • Personally I think he was snowed by her. One reason is she always points the finger at the other guy and she was quick to do that again in this case. Plus if you take everything in the dig and add it to the big picture it isnt a big leap to see she would screw her grandmother which she basically also did in real life.

      Clearly Kappy had some things going on and I think his heart was in the right place for the most part. I mean this as far as him trying to expose what he DID know about others. I think it was his own personality and just the way he lived his life that got him into trouble.

      Do I think he died that day? Im still up in the air about that. I do lean towards no if that means anything, but only because all the things that happened surronding that day dont seem to add up. At least not the stories we are suppose to buy into.

      Im guessing some white hats were aware of him just as much as black hats. Question is, which got to him first?

      And as far as all the people he named. I would say the ones he harped on the most are.

  • No wonder all of 1000s of adoptees I'd met over 5 years were all silenced, seperated, and estranged from each other.  It divided, confused and manipulated a group of people who had started to come together and were getting the word out to many.  

    This makes me so mad. Words cannot describe. These people have no idea what they've done to so many.  

  • I've looked over a lot of this. I have to be honest and say, I'm shocked that anyone would go to the lengths to make this stuff up and the motive would be beyond anything I can fathom.  The other thing I'll mention is that, every detail seems very vivid and detailed and most times a lot of things are not remembered until or when one wishes to do so.  This does seem textbook but a little bit too much if that makes sense.  
    God strike me if I'm wrong...


    • All I can say to that Boar is by your own words you said you looked over a LOT of it. What do you consider a Lot  of it? 50 pages or so? IIRC it was 114 pages? That would be missing a lot. You really cant judge it until you have looked over ALL of it, because only then does it all make sense. It seems a little bit too much because that is how much the subject has lied to folks. A LOT to much. This dig went right down to the roots of it All.

      For someone to take the time to did that deep to show you what a con artist she is I find it incredible people would prefer  to still believe Fiona.

      I call it the Hillary syndrome. How much dirt have we dug up on Hillary? A Lot yes? So much so it all sounds unbelievable. In fact it does sound so unbelievable to many people that  they still think she is an Angel  and we are out of our minds. Yet we sit here knowing its true. Hillary is evil as hell.

      So why is it easier to believe all the digs on Hillary? Textbook digs. Yet not the first true deep dive dig that covers all the bases with backup and facts like any good dig should, on Fiona?

      Maybe Hillary should team up with Fiona because they are both excellent at pulling the wool over peoples eyes. They would make quite the team.

      Honestly I think it is an insult to the author that took that time to do that dig to come to conclusions when one hasnt read it all from page one to the very end. Every book has a beginning, a middle, and the conclusion. That is how a book ties itself together.

      A dig like this into another evil one walking around on earth damaging other innocents that get in their path, that dare to call them out?  Fiona needed a good hard look and someone did that. She has left a path of destruction behind her just like Hillay. The only difference I think is nobody has been Fionacided, or maybe they have who knows. I wouldnt put it past her.

    • My apologies.  I shouldn't have posted without analyzing the entire article.  I have been immersed with working 40+ hours a week, raising a son and neck deep into researching my own background now for over 30 years.  The last 5 have been more than intense to say the least.   

      I will go back and analyze it like I do my own "area of interest" and then comment.  I DO NOT KNOW her, don't have an "agenda" or alliance to ANYONE (but my 14 yr old), don't have ONE family member of my own because of this VERY topic but I don't share details because of the fear of being called out and a liar and other reasons.   So for that, I'd say, before I cast my fierce judgement upon another I will definitely know the FACTS and this article will perhaps help.  

      we don't know what each other has been through in life and nor do I pretend to ever know until I know someone preferably off-line.  just me.  

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