The Illuminati Now Who Are They Really?

The Illuminati

A word that has been made more or less a household term-well household term for those of us that are awake or becoming awake. In truth I thought I really knew who or what the Illuminati were but an article consisting of an interview with a person going by the moniker The Hidden Hand and posted on the web site Above Top Secret had me pause and re evaluate everything I thought I knew about this shadowy and powerful group of elite power players. One of my hobbies is taking written material and turning it into to pdfs after I clean them up. So I want to share this article of the entire interview with this person the HIdden Hand. Although I come from a Christian background, I am far too open in my theology to be considered fundamentalist. I studied the Urantia Book for 20 years and have read hundreds of new age works. However, this interview really had me thinking. In essence this individual made 2 profound claims that it took me a while to digest.

1.That the REAL Illuminati are families who DO NOT claim earth as the planet of origin. Those 13 families we hear about so often, starting with the well known Rothschilds, are, according to the Hidden Hand, lower level HUMAN families who DO NOT have the bigger picture and are simply out to gain control over this planet and to rule us all.

2. That life as we know it is a sort of theater or game and that if the powers of evil were not here, our choices to do good would be empty and without much merit. Only in the presence of darkness can true light shine in contrast. And that the TRUE illuminati group has volunteered to come here (incarnate) and be as rotten as they can be to provide a catalyst for us to choose good in contrast to their darkness. But The Hidden Hand claims that this is just a role play and that after the final harvest and ascension we will all see each other as we truly are and there will be no enmity.

I don't think I do justice in this explanation to such a complex story.Subsequently I am attaching the mentioned article as a pdf for those interested to read. LN_Illuminati Bloodlines_Hidden Hand.pdf

I will also attach 2 more pdfs which are books written about the illuminati for anyone that really wants to dig. LN_Illuminati Bloodlines_Fritz Springmeier.pdf

LN_Illuminati Bloodlines_Loxley and Sunstar.pdf

I will admit, I haven't read the last 2 but I have them on my list to read now that I have tansferred them to my tablet making them easier to read than hunching uncomfortably over my laptop.

I do not claim to understand or believe ALL that this interview lays out but it did make a lot of sense in many respects (Like why a good God would allow an evil character like Lucifer to bumble around the universe for so long making trouble)

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  • I am new here someone posted something about glamis calling try to find that page and I did not find it so I do not understand what it can be exactly and I came to this page where it seems that there is talk of everything else I do not understand much about Glamis Calling yet. I also read information about a cousin of the Queen of the UK who seems to be a killer eats humans and on Monday I read about a Donald Marchall who says he knows that they have a clone factory and that they are of a race of non-humans but that control everything , I read about the castle where the Queen was born in Scotland, sorry but all this is new and I have not retained so much information. In fact, there are many macabre stories in the castle. I read the Bible and the book of Noah, and I understood that there was a race that was mixed with humans and hybrids that liked to eat humans that is why the trial came to exterminate them and that every time they have taken power God has given orders to exterminate them is the case of Joshua and the giants and King David but they always find the Eay to comeback you can see it in Ezekiel 8. The universe is infinite. I don't understand why they insist on wanting to dominate the earth now the aliens the kings of England, the false Jews, the corruption n in the Governs all have same  patrons all like money, power over people, dominate, destroy, fornicate and eat humans. I don't think they can procreate to multiply because of that the thirst for mixing but I am impressed to see how everything aligns I do not like the mysteries but I saw the secret files X and now that I am reading everything that appears and how the alignments are being discovered Among the secret societies, power, money, sacrifices, extraterrestrial, the bible, human sacrifices, carnivores it seems that I am watching the Xfiles series in real life. I don't like the things that are happening but my faith in God sustains me and makes me understand that the world will never end, it will only be transformed and we have all the right given by God to defend ourselves and do justice and live in freedom . Communism is part of their extrategies to destroy humanity. We cannot let them win the battle. We are praying for President Trump in fasting, bringing to heavenly judgment some people who must give an account and hope to fight until we win the victory. Thank you all for this page so full of information whenI was tired yesterday after reading so much I had to pray to be able to sleep and I had to tie that spirit of intimidation after reading all about so many things but remember that more are those who are with me and the one in me is bigger than the one in this world, the war of good and evil we will fight for the blood of Christ, protect us and protect our army to the President and our constitution in the name of Jesus. Thank you for helping me see the light.

    • Dear Jaz-Take a breath dearest one. There is time to get what you need.I too am a devout follower of Christ Jesus but belong to NO CHURCH. I wouldn't fit in anyway. I believe in the existence of alien life and UFOs and cryptids like Sasquatch and Dogmen. I have listened to Cory Goode and Captain Kramer and actually believe in Secret Space Programs and that our Government has hidden WAY WAY more than the Roswell crash. The top executive at Lockheed Skunkworks stated publicly that "We have the technology to take ET HOME" !! and this was years ago. I have a pdf of most of the info a secret space insider talked about if you want it and it is a good summary of most of that topic. Just remember there is a ton of fringe info out there. Some TRUTH and some BS. And it is all mixed together. If you just start plowing through everything you will be OVERWHELMED. There are wicked beings on this planet that do consume human flesh but that should not be a focus. I think the focus is becoming stronger spiritually so we can battle and shift the tide in the spirit realm to bring these wicked ones down and to ruin. Of course this is just my humble opinion and I am no one special. Most important is to listen to your own heart first and follow that. Namaste


  • Im beginning to think there are now a few old ATS members on here! No wonder it got awful chatty all the sudden! Im thrilled though, ATS folks dont mess around when it comes to digs. I still keep an eye on their Q Board and somewhat active. The election really split it apart. Got too ugly. IT got to where I just hung out in the shed with Nightstar! Shes a sweety. My name on there now is onehuman. Yig managed to get kicked off ops. Too much fun in the chatroom one night!

    • what is nightstar and the shed? Sorry I'm Dutch so maybe I missed something language wise...


    • NightStar is another long time member on ATS. She started a thread called The Shed. It can be found in the BTS or where  the lighter type subjects reside. It was a rather whimsical kind of thread. A bit of lite roll play, fantasy, and just general chitchat. Last time I was really in there there were 17 pages all with 450 post!

    • Haha, yup, I'm one of those, but now reading this PDF I realise I wasn't ready to take it all in, I remember that year like yesterday...the worst of my life, but i was on there a lot and it abruptly ended cause I had personal stuff to sort out first. funny enough, I keep returning to these topics , not by accident, but also not consciously searching for it. So this was the moment again. Definitely will be here more often. Same here with the Q board, I mean, I knew a lot already, but the digging to more crap is getting old, to be honest, I see the big picture and at the end of the day it's about awakening and waking others up, as well as uniting, which I'm doing with my channel on The Keystone channel. Just started but , i can't go full out there as many are not that far ahead either, so have to consider them all, what is the point of uniting otherwise LOL, well, I think it will all be alright , I feel we are on target with awakening ...they just need a little help, I guess  


  • Did you write this PDF? Hidden Hand? It's awesome work! I remember bumping into it years ago, but the way this is written and compiled is just sublime , thank you so much for this Lauren. Can't wait to read more from you and will get through the others too...

  • This is so great to see Lauren. Im thrilled you brought it here! IIRC that went up on ATS back in 2008. It has been around for quite awhile just sitting there long forgotten basically. Makes you wonder if there is a Glamis connection anywhere along the line.

    When I think about it now, it is almost like they chose ATS kind of like Q picked the Chan. Back then there were some heavy thinkers on that site. Im pretty sure a lot of them are the deep diggers we know now. You may find that hard to believe considering the interactions of some of the members, but you know shallow minds and all.

    People that take the time to read this will not feel they wasted their time. I HIGHLY Recommend it all day long!

    ETA: I think you and another member here Camille have a lot in common Knowledge wise. I know she commented and left some information yesterday in the comments that you may enjoy.

    Side note, you can make friends on here and private message if you werent aware. The little envelope up top isnt just a decoration!

    • Thanks Yig.

      BTW I have been dying to ask but was concerned it might be rude but you seem to have a balanced personality. So where does the name YIG come from? It is unique and I am just "curious as a crackhead" as one of my sons always says.


    • It isnt rude to ask! It is something I keep close though :)


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