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  • Since this entire Show has been planned for a loooooong time, I don't think we need to worry!! Can't remember who, but someone in the "know" said that things should be MUCH better by Christmas!! DUMBS are still being taken out!! The traps have all been set & they are being walked into....which is important!! There are some who will NEVER wake up, so I suppose that is within their Karma, not to!!

    As for the jab....guess I didn't wake up til about 7 years ago & quit taking the annual Flu shots then!! I have good friend who took it just to "get along" with their friends.
    What shocks me is the number of Highly Intelligent People who did not even bother to check out what the ingredients were before they took it!!!

    We have been SO programmed as a society to Obey The Authorities that we figured "they" had our best intertest in mind......BUT.....we didn't understand who "they" were.....bad mistake on our part!!

    Our Southern Border is being invaded, shots are being fired & someone heard chatter that paratroopers were being flown in to handle the situation. We all know who the Real Prez is, so I feel assured things are moving in the right direction....it just takes SO long to make things bad enough that it WILL wake up The Sleepers!!

    We're talking about an entire Planet here.....not just our Country!!
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