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  • Thanks, Yig!! Excellent article!!! (Singing...) Where have all the flu bugs gone???
  • @Loxie
    I know you read my Twitter from here, but not sure if you saw this link I shared today. This is how nuts it really is, or at least a portion of that pie anyway:
  • @Kazz
    Yes much better than this time last Monday at least. I went down hard and fast. (Don't run with that one missy :) !
  • The problem we have, as we speak, is that our "Professionals" have been taken over from the 'inside' (or maybe have been bought out, as they just tried to buy out Jovan H. Pulitzer for $10 million!)

    Because we, The Public, have been programmed for decades to Trust The Authorities, we no longer think for ourselves & have consented to becoming Lab Rats for an Experimental Vaccine...which is, in truth, NOT a vaccine, but an mRNA which can alter our DNA!!

    What ever happened to the Nuremburg know, the "informed consent" clause. We were NOT informed as to the true ingredients of what they are jabbing into our arms.....or what the outcome MIGHT be!!! It is like a ticking time bomb inside your body & it will affect each person in a different way; at a different time!

    Again, for anyone who has already taken the jab, make sure you take Zinc & Vit. D3 EVERY day!! As I told my Dr......"My body, my Choice & I'm not even pregnant!"

    It is difficult for us to really comprehend the magnitude of true evil that is being perpetuated upon the Human Race. Most doctors are uninformed, as well, & those who TRY to get the truth out are persecuted & lose their jobs, or worse.
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