‘Barely cogent’ Joe Biden starring in ‘Weekend at Bidens’: Bernardi

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The US political administration is starting to become the “Weekend at Bidens”, starring the “barely cogent” Joe Biden, according to Sky News host Cory Bernar...

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  • He is NOT Cognizant ! I was an RN for 25 years. I was a manager for a dementia wing and I am well versed in all the different forms of dementia and their stages. This man is, without a doubt, cognitively impaired. I have watched videos of early Biden. Not only do they not look alike but they do not talk alike and Biden's stutter problem was from his youth. If he didn't manifest it when he was a Senator, why would he manifest it now. This isn't about stuttering. I had a son go through years of speech therapy because of a stutter among other things. Biden has trouble with word finding and thought formation and organization-not articulation and phonation. Huge difference. I won't cut this compromised, corrupt, hair sniffing thief an inch of slack.
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