New Evidence JFK Jr. Lives? Musicians listen!

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I suggest starting the video at :41 seconds

The more that keeps coming out the more it does seem JFK Jr. is alive, and there have been hints dropping for awhile now.

Now for me being a musician The Vocal similarities in these two examples really edge me even closer to believing that in fact he is alive.

 I used to pick out my favorite songs on the piano when I was little by ear and this in turn led my parents to realize I did  have an ear for music and they went on to give me lessons. I know this isnt really important to you, but it is why this video convinces me more, because I Can hear the "Tone Similarities." Im sure other musicians will "Hear it" also

Here are the link which he referred to in the video:

JFK Jr. ~ His Killers and the Unbelievable Cover-up!!! go to 20:00 mark

Facial Comparison by ABOXofMONSTERS:

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  • I was prepared to be convinced. I think the comparison of CK and the woman at the rally is telling. But "Spectrum analysis is just a fancy tool to persuade witnesses and jury's?" Really? Your discerning ear is what I should believe? Good God.
  • And I think the name Todd Bergen (sp?) is a fake name. But the voice is identical to jfk jr. The same tone. The same huskiness. Wish someone had some fancy audio software to do a technical comparison to the voices .
  • I think JFK jr is alive too. But for me the deciding factor was the female at the Trump rally. A dentist on the Patriot board said that the teeth of a young Carolyn Bessette and this lady at the rally were identical in addition to other facial similarities. If she is alive then so is he.
  • BTW has anyone looked into that guy Todd Burgun, i recognized that voice as soon as he started talking- before the guy in the video played the Q video... i never felt right about Jr's death, something didn't sit right with me even back when it happened...
  • i think he's alive, i think he knew that Hillary planned on taking him out and he faked his death...i also believe he will end up being the next VP because VP Pense and his wife will be going down for Child trafficking....
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