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Adam from Marfoogle news put out a short video %th April 2021.  It highlites the Russian Military base which was confirmed located in Antartica, and their Posidon missel with neuclear threat to costal cities.  He also memtions the convient timing to the current Florida nuclear waste threat.


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  • Agreed,'s China that has been trying to take over the world through many different means....with a LOT of help from some within our own country.....I wonder who that could be??!!!
  • @Piewhackett
    Thank you for bringing this information here Pie. Funny Im not real concerned with Russia doing that. They had to be building that up while Trump was in office. Its not like it just appeared in the last couple of months. Trump HAD to know about it. So I suppose It doesnt make me real nervous because I trust Trumps relationship with Putin if that makes sense
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