Dustin Nemo V Interviews Yig on Patriot Profile

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Well this was very exciting for me! Dont know what possessed Dustin to want to interview me, but I had a real nice time talking with him! Thanks Dustin! Your turn next time :)

Be sure to give Dustin a follow! He really does do great videos! You can find his channel here:

DustinNemo V

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  • Wow I watched that vid when it came out. Dustin gave me the tool to get opioid free he mentioned in a video about a product that I had never heard of. I bought some wheened down over 5 week's and have been free for almost 2 months. Those pain pills are wicked and extremely Dangerous. Thank you again for that info, you saved my Life Brother Love you.
  • Lol! Yes you should go with it!
  • So delightful
  • Thanks ATaylor! Glad you enjoyed it. Not so sure about the words of wisdom part, but Ill go with it!
  • Yay, Yig! You sounded great and had great words of wisdom
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