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  • Just watched the 2nd vid you made.....I think it's telling us that pretty soon we are moving BEYOND barbaric warfare!! Who knows?!!
  • How VERY interesting!! Showing us that we already move among the stars!!! Neat!!

    Just finished reading Billy Carson's(4biddenknowledge) "Compendium of The Emerald Tablets". I had already figured out that what we have in our Genesis account of Creation is but a "generic" version of the Enuma Elish. Now, after reading this work I was gobsmacked by the realization that much of what the authors of our Bible wrote comes directly from The Emerald Tablets!!!

    Being the daughter of a Baptist minister, I am WELL acquainted with The Bible. Now at age 76, I realize said book was simply used as a control has worked!!! "They" have kept us in a tightly controlled Box, not allowing free thought or the ability to question anything!!

    I hand it to Billy Carson that he has put 45 years of work into reading ALL the Ancient Texts, so is able to speak to a great many subjects. His Journey started as a little boy watching airplanes take off & land, when one day he saw an object in the sky he could not understand....right! A U-A-P!!!

    Each of us has been on our own Personal Journey & each is different: The Universe exploring itself through each of us.....what a Bumpy Ride!!! Enjoy!!
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