Ingersoll Lockwood Curiosity Part 2

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  • Lots to note here right off the bat
    Warning. ALL CAPS AHEAD !!
    Ingersoll Lockwood-the Author of the 1892 kids story BARON TRUMP'S Marvellous Underground Journey
    Many speculate this is linked to POTUS son Baron Trump and TIME TRAVELING
    Servcorp - Washington D.C. - 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Address: 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 1025, Washington D.C. District of Columbia 20006 United States
    Servcorp offices are located on level 10 of 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
    The White House, World Bank, the Old Executive Office Building and the Washington Monument are all visible from various vantage points, creating a spectacular panoramic view.
    Building occupants include prestigious law firms, fortune 500 government affairs offices, wealth management firms and government agencies.
    Hmmm. Smack dab in the middle of crazy town
    THIRD. Take a close look at their OBJECTIVES
    1. LIFE-Defend & Extend. Why is the letter 'D' in extend RED? (End of adrenochrome-child trafficking-death-wars etc)
    2. Land-Reverse GMO, Reverse Contamination, Speed Travel (Clean up earth and our FOOD supply. End Monsanto like Corps)
    3. Water- Reverse Contamination, Expand Accessibility (protect the aquafers.Clean the waterways of 300 years of chemical pollution. God only knows what we have been drinking besides flouride)
    4.Air-Reverse Pollution, Speed Travel, Defend Against HAARP (No Chemtrails? No weather modification? End weather destabilization? Im sure the 16 countries uundergoing massive flooding right now would be grateful)
    5.Unleash HIDDEN and next gen-Nearly Limitless (Zero Point Energy?? End fossil fuels? This would make AOC happy)
    6.Space-Unleash Hidden and Next Gen Tech-Faster, More Efficient (Secret Space Force? Worm Hole Travel? Plasma Tech? Med Beds? )
    7. Computing-Next Generation Privacy, Safety & Security
    8.Communication-Truthful, fact-based, ethical reporting (The end of the lame-stream Media? End of Censorship? End of Big Brother surveillance?)
    9. Education (This word is in RED)-Unwind stupidity Training, (Dismantle the leftist, socialist school indoctrination) Unlock History/Future (Future proves past? Time Travel? Time lines? Mandela effect?)
    Entertainment-Wholesome, Using 1-9 above (End of Pedowood brainwashing?)
    Our military has tech that most wouldn't believe. I'm sure we have cloaking. Hopefully our military stays on the good side.

    Pretty broad objectives for a corporation. Sounds more like the goals for a new, free republic/world and moral society free of the cabal and a bunch of self serving reptilian perverts.
    Awesome find YIG
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