Left Behind: Homeless Crisis in San Francisco

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In the summer of 2019, Fox News embarked on an ambitious project to chronicle the toll progressive policies has had on the homeless crisis in four west coast cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore. In each city, we saw a lack of safety, sanitation, and civility. Residents, the homeless and advocates say they've lost faith in their elected officials' ability to solve the issue. Most of the cities have thrown hundreds of millions of dollars at the problem only to watch it get worse. This is what we saw in San Francisco.

Around the 6 minute mark they discuss when this problem began. All roads point to the time the first Democrat was put into office and its been Democrats ever since.

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  • I used to love spending time in San Francisco in the late 1970-1980’s It was the fun place my father would take me on the weekends. He would take me to the café Trieste for coffee and Italian opera. We would go down a couple of streets and have a wonderful Italian lunch or early dinner. The area of North Beach was always beautiful always clean and very friendly. I miss those days. It’s nothing like it used to be. It’s a shame! We used to walk all over San Francisco never had to walk over somebody laying on the street or walk around human feces or needles.
  • they've allowed the use of hard core narcotics without asking Who Is Supplying & Profiting from them?!!
    passing out free needles and turing backs on shooting up without ANY Control over the drugs is INSANITY! IT's CRIMINAL! Federal Gov. needs to Clean HOUSE! Make it legal if that's the only way to get the POWER Out of the drug market ! Dr. Jocelyn Elders recommended that Decades Ago!
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