Pence Handoff at Presidents Speech at the White House - 9/5/18

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Im not real sure what was going on here but something sure changed hands. Watch the lady circled in RED. When POTUS starts to approach her notice she will point her finger at Pence, and the POTUS turns and walks away from her. She seems to switch papers maybe?


I dont know you decide for yourself. If you want to see Originl video you can watch it HERE

SKIP TO THE 6:40  MARK to see it

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  • @Melody Deese
    Yes there are many that think Pence is a clone if thats what it is you are trying to say! As far as that goes with the whole clone thing, while I believe its possible, its also not a bridge Im ready to cross 100% yet. The deal Trump made with the Republican party was that he had to take Pence as his VP. I guess they thought Pence would babysit Trump and keep and eye on him. Lol I dont think that lasted long. Pence is very dirty himself with many skeletons in his own closet that Im sure POTUS is aware of. Not to mention Pence wife got one of the "Envelopes" at Bush funeral. Im guessing POTUS has him on a very tight leash :)
  • I had no idea until a few weeks ago and asked a few people. The guy that has been with him now isn’t pence? Doing a good job.
  • Hung
  • They have got away with that much now that they are too confident and that's exactly why they have huno themselves for us...😈
  • Word from another decoder, he's already going down ... pedophilia and TREASON! He's history.
    I believe the next Vice President will be JFKjr.
  • Why in public w cameras everywhere?

    If there were dirty deeds why take a chance in a room full of ppl, cameras and broadcast equiptment. Let alone Presidential Security Details
  • Something was passed.
  • Optics?
  • TrustTheChainOfCommand
  • Definatly something passed.
    Good catch Yig!
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