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Just wanted to give you a personal welcome and show you around the site a little bit in case you might be a little confused on what to do or how to do it! 

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  • Yup Yig, you were in Rhode Island then, and was in Portland, ME. I left my husband of many years and ran away to get away from him. Long story for another time. I ended up staying. Love it down here, live is good when someone is not hell bent on killing me. We must catch up!
  • Hi There Marigue! Funny I believe I was in Rhode Island when you were in Maine if I recall correctly! Oddly enough, Im back in fla too! Imagine that. edit to add, I hope you arent still being chased???
  • Hi, so glad I stumbled upon this site. I used to belong to Yigs Starhouse a long time ago. Then my life took a sharp twist and for awhile I did not go to the internet. Now I live in Florida instead of Maine, and being retired, I have time to reconnect with old friends and to get active on sites. I am on twitter, and that is how I discovered this group again. I love the interesting information and posts here. Thanks Yig for the welcome. Awesome site! So glad to be here.
  • lovely to see you. confirmation for me of why i was warmly drawn to you and certain of your intelligent honesty.
  • Lol Mystery solved!
  • So good to see you! This is so helpful!
  • Thank you for the miles of smiles.
  • Thanks for your "welcome" - Linda Simpson
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