Prisoner Obama

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President Trump call Obama "Prisoner" in his Fox Interview which the original can be found here:

I have cut it down and looped it a few times for you to hear it

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  • I had to listen to it a 2nd time before I actually heard 'prisoner' dent' ... interesting!
  • No, I don't think he said that. He said president Obama.
  • He's pleading for his life, and that's a h*ll no! NO DEALS You are a disgrace and a murderer of the very people who put you in office.
  • I hope!
  • Prisoner for sure...
  • I bet you felt a little nuts there for a few minutes eh Rebecca? lol
  • You know, I heard him say this. I was looking down at my laptop, with the interview playing in the background. I thought, 'did he say what I think he said?!'. This confirms it for me watching the replay.
  • Thanks for your response! appreciated!
  • It was from the FOX INTERVIEW from yesterday. Thats why I added to the link to the original video. It was their follow up from the summit meeting. Again, link to the original
  • It wasnt altered, thats why I left the link to the original video from FOX so you could here it on there also. All I did was cut it down. I do leave links for a reason
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