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Tonight I answer 3 viewer questions and I also discuss the upcoming preliminary vote in District 12 of Californium. Pelosi's district.

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  • Yeah!!! she had stayed in power for so long is disgusting. None of them should be able to do that....but it seems We The People have been asleep at the wheel for TOO long!!! They almost took our country down from the inside....not good!!

    Big Hugs, Yig!!! My conclusion after all I have lived through is that each of us is an Eternal, SOVEREIGN Being residing in this "meatsuit" for short while to learn a & grow, prepping us for the Next Assignment!! I like the way Tom Campbell puts it...I'm paraphrasing what he said, "Earth is an entrophy reduction Trainer for Souls!" Looked at in that light makes it easier to deal with all each of us lives through while we inhabit these "meatsuits"!!

    Quoting John Steinbeck here: "All things are one thing & that one thing is all things ---plankton, a shimmering phosphorescence on the sea & the spinning planets & an expanding universe , all bound together by the elastic string of time. It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars & then back to the tide pool again."

    The word "God" means something different to each person, doesn't it?! In our Western mindset we automatically assume it is the "God" of the Old Testament. I have found that if we look that the miracles in the O.T. in a different light, it makes sense that these "gods" were simply a race of higher beings interacting with a group of humans they had chosen. We're talking about a race of beings who had the ability to terraform planets & 'create' beings in their own likeness. I prefer to use the word Source to encompass the "God" none of us can understand.
  • Superb video, Yig!
    IMO, religion is much like our individual shadow; it is uniquely ours. (Not implying any dark connotations) It fits our hearts and minds and seen by others in certain LIGHT.
    I refrain from religious chat.

    I am in Pelosi's district. It is beyond obvious she needs the boot. My hub and I are petition signers. We are voting her out!

    Goodnight, Yiggy.
  • @Loxie
    All I know is something that is such a pure and personal thing as your own connection to God should only be known and understood from your own heart. The second you let another tell you what that should be and how you should go about it or what hoops you need to jump through to get there, you have totally missed the boat. Nice write up Loxie :)
  • Wise 'ole Yig!!! As the 75 year old daughter of a Baptist minister, I feel well qualified to address the question of The Bible!! I was also married to an abusive, religious conman for 18 years & Yig has it totally correct about these guys & raking the money in!!!

    Because of how the circumstances of my life played out, I felt justified in reexamining the entire Belief System that had been a part of my childhood brainwashing & led to such disaster in my own life!!!

    Let's start with The Bible & a better question is, "Where did it come from?" & "Who declared it to be The Word of God?" Then, "Why do we accept someone else's word about it?"

    For starters, we do not even have correct translations from the original languages. Then think about how many different languages there are on the Earth, which means there are incorrect translations in every language!!

    I remember when I was living in Mexico, people would get into arguments about which Spanish translation to use!!! When one thinks about it, it is quite amusing as none of us can even read The Bible in the original it follows that all the theological arguments down through the centuries are pointless & a waste of energy!!

    Yig is correct about there being "agendas". The one "agenda" we have never even thought about is the Roman one!!! They had to figure out some way to "tame" the Rebellious Jews. So in the 300's a council was formed of some 300 Bishops, who were told to agree on which set of books would be included in the Canon.

    There were 60 who dissented, as their books were not included....they got their heads lopped off, so that ended all opposition to what "the agenda" was & voela(!) we have our Bible!!!

    Result being, Christianity became a tool with which to control the masses & it has worked for over 2,000 years!!! They took the Jesus Story & made it over into what they wanted it to be.....for their "agenda"!! Joseph Atwill wrote a great book called, "Caesar's Messiah" which goes into detail about how the Jesus Story was taken over.
    There is another book called, "The Jesus Papers" which explains even more.

    Think about this, if one is born into a Muslim home, one would grow up thinking their book is THE Word of we get into a Battle of the Books!! Doesn't make much sense, does it?!! Anything to keep us all fighting each other!!
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