The Beauty Above Us

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Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that we are surronded by beauty on this world.

Don't let the ugliness of the day that tugs on you ever take that away from you.

Hold it dear in your heart.

Mimic it the best you can with your interactions with others :)

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  • @Loxi
    You know I think I recall that story out of Conn. They havent been able to contain the giant stories all that well. Some photos from the digs have gotten out. The best they can do and just call them fake and hope people believe that. Heck they have enough skulls on display around the world that werent exactly attached to midgets when they were attached. Im guessing you have read about the mountains that people think are giants? Like they just laid down to take a nap or something and over time just turned into mountains?!
  • Thanks, Yig!!! And to think that the entire crust of our Earth is made up of giant dead creatures!! Check out Roger Spurr's Mudfossil Univ. He has found pieces of giant human beings in his back yard in CT!!! Had them lab tested....I think he figured out it was the thumb of a giant 22' tall!! We KNOW that the Smithsonian Inst. keeps hidden away the giants that were found late 1800's, early 1900's. Then you have the guys that are figuring out there was some kind of a Mud Flood that buried an earlier tech's pretty exciting to realize that we know nothing about our all has to be rewritten!!! But, if you want to keep your job in Academia, of any discipline, stick with the required script or you won't get your checks anymore!!!
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