The Clinton Foundation and The Gates Foundation, "brokers for pharmaceuticals."

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4:43 of solid testimony you can show  your old friends about just one of the criminal activities their still favorite heroes have been up to for years. Are they still going to want to trust them going forward?

The way things are going these days and their hate for POTUS sadly 9 out of 10 probably will keep loving them, but if it does actually sink through to just one at least, progress has been made. That one will be starting to think now.

What other "crime families" do we know that also insist on a ""vig"  for services render and take a kickback from both sides of the services?

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  • EXCELLENT!!! Jason Goodman & Charles Ortel have been pointing out the illegality of the C. F. for a long time, but they get only a certain viewership. That is the problem; most "Normies" are so busy getting on with their own lives that they don't have the time, or even the interest to check things out for themselves. That is why it has been so easy for TPTB to control the masses!!

    Take Dr. Judy Mikovits, for example. She is just as great a hero as Gen. Flynn, but TPTB have successfully muddied her name & not many people will bother to read her book, "Plague of Corruption" to understand her side of the story!!

    It's difficult to realize just how long this corruption has been going on in The Establishment, so if one has no inner sense of Integrity, money can buy anything!!

    Thanks for putting this clip up, Yig!! Each one of us doing our little part DOES add up!! We ARE making a difference!!!
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