The Puzzle

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  • So glad you continue this work. It must be thankless sometimes. But trust that ' many who are first shall be last and many that are last shall be first'. I make my posters and infographics and trust that whoever needs to see them, will. The act is mine. The consequences, Gods'.
  • Suppose we're in a Galactic War & don't even realize it??? We would not even have some of the Bigger Pieces, right?.....because we have no clue what is really going on!!

    I have come to appreciate Uncle Charlie Ward's place in the ever developing scenario. He doesn't claim to have all the "answers", he just keeps encouraging those he comes in contact with to continue asking questions & figuring out things for themselves.

    Each of us is a distinct piece of the Puzzle!! We each have our place in the Bigger Scheme of Things. We may not even realize what that place has been....??? But, each of us has come down a different route & hopefully, learned the lessons we were meant to!!
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