"The World is a Corporation" (Network, 1976)

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Some of you will recall this from 1976 and some of you weren't even born yet. Listen to this 6 minutes and remember its from 1976 and then think about where we are now 45 years later...

You would be wise to Pay Attention

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  • I have come to the firm and pragmatic conclusion there are 2 types of humans upon this planet right now. Just 2. Those who are asleep and those who are awake.This isn't about good and bad or superior and inferior. Those who are awake just seem to be genetically predisposed to question the authority of common knowledge. They may not have all the answers but they know to ask the questions. The others just accept what is fed to them. Period. They question nothing. Some people do switch sides. Some almost too late. When I was a teen, my generation constantly questioned the system or 'the man'.. Today's youth (Many-not all) seem to either be sucked into a liberal socialist ideology or are so dumbed down and superficial and sexually confused, they will likely need a few more incarnations just to survive. I am afraid they will inherit a prison planet a la' Blade Runner. I pray for all of them anyway.
  • And, on top of that the Human Race has now been placed on a depop agenda & are going along, willingly, with it because most people STILL think we have to Obey The Authorities.....without checking what the FACTS are!!!
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