TW: Ruined Lives Pt 2 - Accounts of CIA Atrocities (MK ULTRA Survivor Speaks)

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Ive been asked what this womans name is. Katy Groves. This link will take you directly to her You Tube Playlist Page: Katy's Playlist Link

Please let her know you support her efforts to bring the truth forward in her comment section. She is being very brave.

The reason I am posting this particular video is because I feel there may be a hint in it as far as possible location in Texas. As you will hear, she mentions Lions. Maybe this might ring a bell with some of you from around that area of Austin I believe? She had mentioned in last video  about where ever they took her was about a 45 minute ride from there?

Below is the description from her for this video. Heed the WARNINGS if you dont feel capable or comfortable of watching, listening to these sort of horrors.

In this video, we give graphic accounts of atrocities we witnessed the CIA commit in the child snuff trafficking ring in which we were programmed and enslaved. We share these accounts in order to honor those dead and help those who are able to bear witness to them understand what's going on in the United States (and around the world) a little better.

When we say graphic, we mean graphic. If you are not able to listen to accounts of the worst violence against children imaginable, then you probably should not watch this video.

Here are the links we mention in this video. Even if you are unable to watch this video, you may still find the following content helpful.

One of our many testimonies - TW: CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out:

An article by child trafficking survivor Faith Allen - What is Polyfragmented Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?

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  • These monsters are all going to be executed and gone forever....but for the survivors 😢 the nightmares will last for years...
  • Thank you for this. I thank God for finding your YT channel and now your site.
  • YIG, thank you for your long comment, much appreicated. espically for this bit Please let her know you support her efforts to bring the truth forward in her comment section. She is being very brave.

    The topic is tough, and having lead a sheltered life (was chaperoned till I was 17y and got a drivers lisc)... WIth all of the attention hounds, and not wanting to believe, your extra words gave me courage to accept and process the information. And to visit and interact with the brave soul that needs support and love.

    Stay safe and take care of yourself.
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