Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times - Award Winning Short Film

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I thought it would be nice to post something a little different. I can see why this short film won so many awards. That path of life is really wondrous.

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  • Greetings All!
    Thank you Yig , what a Hard-Hitting film...
    I'm glad you're part of the G.A. community ! Your site does not seem to have much Traffic , but I see all your contributors have Higher Intellect & and Spirituality... ( I aim to catch-up... )

    What I greatly appreciate too , is the return to acknowledging in Credits ,ALL who contributed to the film , whatever their part , be it Clapper-girl , or Tea Lady !

    This film is on par with a film of 1947 , ' It's a Wonderful Life ' ( ( Txt Doc ) is a very insightful perspective , even though he does not point to the sublime messages there in... )

    I'd like to point our community to Family films , such as ' Rigoletto ' , or ' High Noon ' , where Courage and Valiant belief in Righteousness can prevail against weak manipulators...

    Thanks for sharing this , and in the words of Dr.Vernon Coleman , " though itmight feel like it at time's , you're NOT alone ... "

    ( )
    The Extraordinary Censorship Of “ It’s A Wonderful Life”
    <div>The Extraordinary Censorship of</div><div>" It's A Wonderful Life "   An Article by James Perloff.</div><div><br /></div>Educational Material de…
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