Yig Blurb 5 -27- 21

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  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai IS doing something about all this!! He has a Federal Lawsuit going against Big Tech showing that an arm of our Gov't has a "deal" with Tw. to silence who they are told to!! They silenced him while he was running for the Senate!! He just did a video about how the same thing happens in India,,,,The Elite don't want us "deplorables" to have our say!! I would say our Country as been The Grand Experiment to see of we COULD govern ourselves....by staying silent we let the Elite continue their reign over us. The ARISE USA TOUR is on a 50 state tour to raise awareness of The Silent Majority. Go to BigBatUSA.org The Elite in Memphis closed a public park so they had to go elsewhere!! I guess the secret is....to get involved LOCALLY, once again, in politics!! We have to quit complaining & DO something about the things that need to be "fixed"!!
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