Your Questions Answered Part 1

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This is the 1st in a series of the questions you guys asked me last night. I have two more videos made that Im uploading. I still have a ways to go yet since you asked a lot of question!

If you want t otry and slip a question in now while Im working on all this, just drop it in the comments. 1 QUESTION ONLY though for now until I at least get this batch completed.

Let me know if you like this!

You can Watch PART 2 HERE

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  • So enjoy
  • I'm writing my comment as I listen to the video and on the collectiveness of the #GreatAwakening imho I see myself as a filter, where energy comes to be filtered, meaning I get the package then I analyze it, then I research about to corroborate the content and based on the evidence I chose to connect to to higher frequencies, ask for their help, to fill me with their vision, to give me the wisdom and strength to convert this densitive energies into less dense ones. That is just what lately I started doing and has help me realized that I have a responsibility to take and it begins in me, before I used to feed this energies with more hate, more violent thoughts, emotions and words, so now that game it's over for me, now I do what I considered necessary to generated a change. #DarkToLight
  • or duck duck go...
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