How to Post and Add A Link to the Site

Hey there! Need a little Help trying to figure out to post something on here? Well you came to the right place!

I built this site so we could all share thoughts, ideas, or Articles we think others might like and I highly encourage you the members to do so. I suppose it would be easier to do it if you actually knew HOW to do it!

First up How to Post

I realize most of you use you phones and you dont see the site like those of us that use computers or pads. Since I have revamped the site, the important things you will need to know will all mostly be the same regardless of the platform you use.

Here is an example of how I see the site.

881159566?profile=RESIZE_710x 2 things to note about this photo.

The first is the "blue + plus sign." I have circled it for you. This is what you click whenever you want to add anything to the site. Article, Discussion, etc..

The second thing I boxed for you is where you will find your mailbox to send and recieve messages from other members on the site. As you can see I do have a message waiting for me!

On your phone the blue + sign should be in the same place. Depending on your phone and setup, your mailbox should still be at the top either on the right or left.

Some of you with phones may be wondering why you dont see those Main Links under the cat in the header. Im going to show you were to find those now on your phone.

881194063?profile=RESIZE_710xThis is my phone. The blue + sign is there, my mail is there and check out the 3 bars. If you click on those they will open a drop down menu. Then you can actually see those other Main Links that get you to other cool things on the site! See below:

881207653?profile=RESIZE_710xSorry its a little fuzzy, but you should get the idea now!

Okay you are ready to post and you've clicked the Blue plus sign and now you see this:

The Buttons

881219246?profile=RESIZE_710xAs you can see they actually do things for you!

Let's start with Adding a Link

I will assume you know how to copy and paste. So lets say you want to add a link to an article for people to check out.

Well you can copy and paste it here. Like this for example:


The thing with this link above being done like this means it a dead link. Not that it doesnt work, its just that the reader now needs to copy and paste it themselves to go to the link. This is where that handy dandy Link Button comes in.

IF you click the Link Button a new little window will open for you like you can see below. I laid out the steps for you.

If you only do the first two steps you will now have a "Active or Live Link" Which would look like this:

If you do all 4 steps by renaming it, It will looks like this: Lets Talk about Ear Ringing

881267359?profile=RESIZE_710xAnyway you choose to do it if fine really. Doing the name change part is not required. It just give people a better clue of what they are going to read about if they click the link.

 I hope this helped for Part 1 of this help session. One good thing about learning this is a lot of sites like mine have the same basic action bar. At least now you will know what to do anywhere you go!

Im going to post this up and then I will proceed with adding pictures. You can try clicking on that tab and who knows you may be able to figure it out on your own! IT is pretty easy. Dont let all the things it shows in the popup window you will get like the Link popup above scare you. Just upload the picture and say ok! I can fix it or you later if there is a problem!







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