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LAUREN NEVILLE replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Mike Lindells Cyber Symposium August 10-12
" I believe Mike is a great Patriot and I thank God he had the resources and will to do this. But I am with you YIG. Listening to his big, bombastic, booming voice and listening to him talk over and interrupt his expert guests is really, really difficult.
I just wish he would listen more."
10 hours ago
Loxie Lou Davie replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Mike Lindells Cyber Symposium August 10-12
"GO, MIKE!!!!   He's a Real Patriot......we each have our own personality & we each have a distinctive role to play!!"
19 hours ago
I have a new article up on the website I think you will really enjoy. Easy read I promise via Yig House – Telegram
I have a new article up on the website I think you will really enjoy. Easy read I promise

21 hours ago
Yig Wilson posted a discussion
I thought you might like to see a very small piece of the whole that will be coming and what to expect when Mike holds his Cyber Symposium later this month.
I know he is sometimes hard to listen to or at least he is for me, but one thing is for sure. He MEANS WELL, and he IS doing ALL that he has said he would.
Today I listened again to one of his videos and took some snips from it so I could give you a tiny view.
Now what you need to remember about these screen shots below, is that they are only showing from 20 different attacks out of thousands.
So, to keep it simple:
These are the different networks doing the attacks

These are the China States the networks above were used for the attacks:

These are the TIME and Dates of the attacks (Note some were after Nov 3)

These are the US States attacked

These are the number of Trump votes Stolen, HOW they were stolen, and the Location the networks were connected to

These are the total votes TRUMP actually did win by on the bottom from…
21 hours ago

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