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Yig Wilson commented on Yig Wilson's article Think I Caught Something with Q Numbers
"Sure thing!
You can send it to me directly on here. Just click on my name and you will see the option to message me. Or you can click on the little mailbox at the top next to your name and sign out option. Just put Yig Wilson in for who you are sending it to. Will probably give you the auto fill once you have Yig in!
Let me know if that works for you :)"
Zoila Puig commented on Yig Wilson's article Think I Caught Something with Q Numbers
"It's a very loooong reply :) I tried to email it, but it bounced back... any way to send it to you besides the do not reply email address? "
Oct 5
Loxie Lou Davie commented on Yig Wilson's video
"Nice to hear you are so loved & appreciated, Yig!!! Good job, Mermaid!! We each have own little role to play in this battle to take back our Humanity. Each of us is an Eternal, SOVEREIGN Being & we need to stop giving our power over to other human beings, just like ourselves!! Lately, I have been soaking up the Journey that Thoth tells us about in The Emerald Tablets!! Billy Carson(4biddenknowledge) put 45 years of his own Journey into "Compendium of The Emerald Tablets". Each of us is on a very distinct & Special Journey with the ability to influence our own little Social Circle, whatever that might be!! I agree with Yig that we need to get involved in our own local communities, as Catherine Austin Fitts says.....we can take back our country one county at a time!!!"
Oct 3
Yig Wilson posted a video
Check out the water bowl on the floor behind me. For the life of me I have no idea why it is moving around like that! I didn't notice it until I watched the video back!
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Oct 3

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