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Loxie Lou Davie replied to Sammy Garza's discussion Hidden message in the Bible
"Lauren....The is why they changed the true Jesus message, so they could keep us brainwashed for centuries!!  
I like how Billy Carson put this:  "God is a Frequency you tune in to!"  Now that makes much more sense, doesn't it?!!  
Each person has both Light & Dark within & each must make the decision which side to follow.  Has nothing to do with a Third Party doing ANYTHING for us; we each must choose!
I would say each lifetime we spend here is part of our Learning Process & Growth for our true self..our Soul!! 
I am a Soul; I HAVE a body!!!  Puts a whole new perspective on things, doesn't it?!
One has to embrace everthing one has lived through realizing it was just  part of our Growing Pains, progressing to a new level of Consciousness.  It was not time wasted!  We would not be who we are today if all had been a Bed of Roses from birth!!"
17 hours ago
LAUREN NEVILLE replied to Sammy Garza's discussion Hidden message in the Bible
"You got that right. What I have discovered and have come to embrace-especially after watching dozens -maybe 100's of Near death experiences-is that the universal creator embraces all-from the back woods ignorant hillbilly to the sophisticated seminarian. He truly is no respecter of persons. The parable of the prodigal son is a true representative of 'the father' and if jesus came for anything , it was to supplant the angry, jealous God of the Old Testament with a loving, tender father who sees way beyond our supposed sins and embraces us anyway."
Loxie Lou Davie replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Seems Fiona Barnett has been Pulling the Wool
"To Lauren....I strongy urge you to get a copy of "The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets" by Billy Carson.(4biddenknowledge)  Thoth gives us the story of his own Personal Journey & one can get a different slant on we humans & what our place is in the Bigger Picture.
We are "bound by death to the circle of life", which says it in a nutshell.  But, we CAN get ourselves out of this & we don't have to wait for Jesus to come & save us!!  There WAS a real Jesus, but his true story was co-opted & made over into a Control Mechanism!
The book "The Jesus Papers" shows from Roman records that he was alive in 45 & bought a piece of land outside of Alexandria....he was never crucified.
This saying by Dresden James sums it all up!!  "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold, gradually, to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous & its speaker a raving lunitic!"
I'm one of those "raving lunitics" & don't care who knows it!!"
Loxie Lou Davie replied to Sammy Garza's discussion Hidden message in the Bible
"To is so "freeing" to finally understand the this Christianity Thing handed to us by the Roman Catholic Church is nothing but a Control worked!!  We have all been good little Serfs, obeying whatever The Authorities tell us to do.  There has been no Critical Thinking; you just sit in the pews & act like Zombies!!  
It was because of my own Rude Awakening within the Christian System that I got started on my Personal Journey to figure out what the heck was wrong with it that it could ruin so many lives???!!!  
It seeme the entire world is waking up & questioning what has really been going on!!  HOORAY for The Great Awakening!!!"

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