While this poster has admittedly said they are NOT Q, they have caught my attention and I think this needs to be seen. Take it with a grain. This is going to be a big post just so you know. I will put the "Insider" in THIS FONT and I will put questions they answered in THIS FONT

First up: Questions + Answers: Due to 1000 word limit I am going to post the Questions Answers together. Should be easy enough for you to figure out without the font change!

>What occurred today with the NK/SK comms?


They were restablished today.


>When was this previously shut down?


almost 2 years ago in 2016


>Why would Trump imply that NK nuclear weapons do not work in his Tweet?


Because they do not work ?/ Because  person on plane was stopped , that was bringing Trigger, or part to NK.


>Why would NK be invited to participate in the SK Olympics?


An offer of an Olive Brannch?


>Would it just be so they didn't attack it?




>Will the SK Olympics lead to reunification?


If we removed bad actors, and puppet? (no real power regime) then Country would become one again( was cabal preventing it since Korean war)


>IF reunification happens, Iran get proper democracy, Israel/Palestians make peace, Israel is recognised by Saudi and Iran, African conflicts stop… what then is left for World Peace to occur?


Removal of all money and powers that had prevented this from happening all along.


>Less than two years into Trump's first term?


2018 is going to be a big year.




No, not with the worldwide purge of evil dark cabal players who were manipulating the entire chess board.


>Were the conflicts real?


No,, most all wars and problems, are caused, or faked,, in oprder to manipulate and retain control, and sway countries and people into their control.


>Is the same method used to create the conflicts (deception) being used to end them?


? in a way,,  we are using their media, and ideas they promoted to change narrative to alliance side,, to sway people into supporting the big changes occurring across the world?


>While the lights were on out here, he was safe in there?

Kim NK? or Julian Assange?


>Superman II


Superman  foils the plot of terrorists by hurtling their nuclear device into outer space, but the bomb's shock waves free the Kryptonian villain General Zod and his henchmen Ursa  and Non from their imprisonment. Traveling to Earth, they threaten the planet with destruction at the same time that Superman decides to renounce his superpowers in order to live a normal life as Clark Kent with his new love, Lois Lane.

This concludes this part. I will  post as far as I can go. I will make part two if needed.

Insider responding to his own questions:

Superman II.

Superman is betrayed by Lex Luther to have his powers removed.

When all hope is almost lost, Superman is revealed to have turned the tables on the bad actors because he knew Lex Luther would betray him.

By knowing who would betray him, Superman is able to use deception to conquer multiple enemies with the same powers as him by using superior intellect and Game Theory,


Lmao dude there’s no sex tape man

… is there?

What's the number one cause of rectal incontinence?


Kim Jong-un is reopening a hotline with South Korea after nearly two years as he forges ahead with peace overtures ahead of the Winter Olympics. 

The hotline, cut by Pyongyang in 2016, was due to be restored this morning after Seoul proposed high-level talks in response to an olive branch from the North Korean dictator.


 Connection for conversation was reported to have been 20 minutes.

When I've read "what a time to be alive" on Chelsea tweet, I couldn't believe my eyes

It's like a chan signature


What are the best movies?

Why do you watch Fight Club twice?

What are two movies on one screen?

What is cognitive dissonance?

Who is Scott Adams?

Are we winning Bigly?


What happens when Julian Assange is freed?

What does this mean in terms of timing?

What does this precipitate?

What will be the significance?

Will it be a domino?

Will is be GLORIOUS?








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