Let us continue shall we?

The Insider made a point of referring everyone back to this statement:

You've hit the nail on the head. Q already knows the answers to the questions and codes, he's using Socratic teaching method known to be effective learning  by asking questions. . Q is for real, here on the chans, he is using his knowledge of research that has been done on controlled opposition, there have been psyop experiments using larp games to manipulate players, using puzzles and mystery to keep them interested and feel part of an interactive mission, it can be used for informing and pushing propaganda. I have been fascinated by the strategy of the whole q thing since Nov 1, an amazing amount of strategy has been applied by q, it's the whole strategy that's behind all this that makes it so interesting to me personally. Q is Trump's most knowledgeable and media savvy person in dc. This plan was more than likely conceived around 2011 and eventually put in place once Trump was elected, the Q posts are a planned part of the phenomenal hidden strategy being played out publicly now. MAGA

Next remark he answers to:

Cheslea interacting with church of Satan seems odd, she could be In custody and twitter is controlled.  Church of Satan twitter could be controlled. Nov 6 q said Satan,  who follows.see who follows church of Satan twitter. Could be a list of who has been taken down. Might be interesting.

Have you noticed the connections now to Q's questions heading backwards to the start?

Full circle.

Like a Countdown?

When did he say follow Huma?

When did he say about Chelsea?

When was the tweet about Huma?

When did Chelsea tweet about Satan church?

What are the answer to THESE questions?

What happens on 01/10?


Future proves past

Ding ding ding.

So what is the answer to those questions?

Think Mirror


What happens on January 20th?

90 days?

What is EXACTLY TEN days after that?

State of the Union Address?

What is the next day after that?

Super Blood Blue Moon.

Happily Ever After



Ding ding ding.




It's the Final Countdown.


This implies early control of Twitter and all communications.  Mind blown.

It's a pattern, isn't it?


 This swamp draining did not start with trump. The dominoes were being put into place before him.  The day the matlock was cracked there was an episode of matlock on tv called the dare about a guy with cancer who had 6 months to live so he plotted revenge by why not, he was already a dead man

What did a man with cancer get reported as saying this same day?

CIA killed John Lennon, Chapman was a Patsy.


There are how many sealed indictments?  If we see no progress on that front - this is a theory I will accept more and more…   more dead people who expose Clintons .. Too much evidence now.  How much before the safety of society before the courts and AG TAKE ACTION!!

What is the result of the OIG Report, Alex?

And this concludes Part 2. As I said, take it for what you will. I like to think I pay attention to things that may slip by...

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