I am putting this below here for now as proof that I did this if there is ever any question. The time of the post and just the fact Im doing this should be enough. I am also putting it out of the way here so that it isnt up front, because I didnt do this to brag or anything, this is for a just in case.

I just have a little something to say to folks on this board. Everyday some ask when we are going to see change. I find that question ironic when you can see change right here under your own noses.


Admittedly this was a very tough crowd before Q showed up; newbie’s were the last thing ever high on the list to be welcomed. They were taunted and ridiculed and more times then not, ran off quickly. You had to be tough to survive here.


Yet somehow through all of the Q movement, you have adapted for the greater good. You have learned a little more patience with the endless repeated question, and you have learned paragraphs really aren’t such a bad thing after all.


I know it was begrudgingly at first, but you did make room for new ideas and new thinkers and put aside the insults to take a little time to listen and then expand on the ideas. If it was one deemed worthy you ran with it until you dug ever possible piece of dirt you could move to find the bottom with the answer.


If there is one place on the web right now that has a collective of world thought and input, it is right here on this board. Walls that used to be up, that would take the wrath of God to tear down, have slowly come down on their own one brick at a time. Great minds have reached across former boundaries to meet in the middle and become one with a specific direction. One goal. One goal to finally achieve what has eluded us for so long. Taking down the bad guys we have always known were there.


Everyday we get a little closer together, everyday we dig a little deeper together. Everyday we now support one another.


If you can’t see this as change right before your eyes on a daily bases, you probably shouldn’t be here to begin with. We don’t need negative now; this is a collective movement forward by we the people, the soldiers of the board. The Bakers, The Meme makers, The Idea people, The Diggers, The Answer finders, The 8’s.


Be PROUD, be Damn Proud, because we have become the change we want to see right in our own house.  If that can be accomplished here of all places, it can be done anywhere.


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