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My day got started a little late so Im still catching up a bit, but I did come across this and thought it should be shared as it does have some interesting points to it. While this may not be what Q had in mind at all, it does bring up some other ver

Thought Id wait a bit to see if there was an intermission before posting and updated so much. Though he may not be finished yet, I will put this much up for you. As always will update as needed and be sure to refresh the page if you come back to it.


I have to admit I have been a little confused about this Codex thing myself. While I do feel I have a btter grip on it now than I did before, it would still be nice to hear from other members if they themselves can shed a little more light on the s

Q HAS MADE ONE DROP SO FAR. As per usual if he drops more through the day I will update and post the number in the title.

Just to note, I  find it curious  when thinking in the MIRROR EFFECT, BOOM spells MOOB. Notice how the booms fall in the drop l

I think you folks should be aware of this just so you know and recognize it if it happens to you.

From an anon:

A recent legit report might be confirming Q's message about Project DeepDream v2, which could be rolled out by TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

I pie

Q dropped this earlier today, something tells me there may be more before the night is out so I will update as per usual


Lots to read tonight:

You are learning our comms.



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Clowns revealed in China/other.
Sold intel?
HRC open source server?
[Missing emails]
Granted access.


Feb 16 2018
Feb 16 2018 17:58:54
“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” Rosenstein said. “There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged con

He came back on, Ill drop while I can. Have to go to work soon:

Thank you for showing the world how Clowns pass the narrative to journalists @ 4am.
Re_read crumbs re: SecureDrop.
John Perry Barlow.

anon: Clintons didnt tweet about today

The links below will take you to the best compilations of all things Q for you to have as tools to research


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Strickly MAPS Galore (Beautiful work done here)

Another ALL Q from day 1 PDF file (You may prefer this one over the first one, both are great. Just depends on your preference)

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