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Anon-X March 8, 2018 at 12:19pm

Ask these questions in the correct places.
Who replaced family Y?
Who does these family's lineage trace back to?
Who was Ann Boleyn?
Who were the Federalists?
What did the Federalists want to do?
Who did the Federalists give their loyalty to?
Why was the play, Hamilton, so important to HRC and the left?
What ideology did the French Revolution lead to the creation of?
What happened to South Africa in the 1800s?
Who was Rhodesia named after?
Who was responsible for the 2nd Boer War?
Who financed everything?
What secret society and scholarship did this man leave behind?
What is at Oxford?
What did this society want to do with the world?
What did this society want to do with the US?
Who were the members of this society?
Did those members have fellows in the US?
What nation lost its empire after WWI?
What nation held its debt?
What nation joined this group, wanting world domination?
What organizations were started by these men?
What world organization was started after WWII?
What happened to Germany?
Who was behind it?
Who was Göring?
What did Göring control?
Who was the Plenipotentiary of the Four Year Plan?
Who mobilized all sectors of the economy for war?
Who became wealthy from it?
Who was behind today's Europe?
What is the non-elected group of industrialists called, who control the EU?
What is a Round Table?
Where did that term originate?
Does the Roundtable Group still exist? (https://www.commonwealthroundtable.co.uk/journal/history/)
What was Milner's Kindergarten?
Who was Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi?
What was Kalergi's plan?
What was the Pan-Europa movement?
Who was Baron Louis de Rothschild"
Was Baron Louis de Rothschild involved with Kalergi?
Who was Max Warburg?
Who was Paul Warburg?
Who was David Rockefeller?
Who was JP Morgan?
Who was Bernard Baruch?
What is the CFR?
What is the RIIA?
What group was behind forming the League of Nations?
What group was behind forming the UN?
What is the Pilgrims Society?
Who are the Pilgrims Society members?
Who loaned the Holy See £400,000 (equivalent to £34.1 million in 2016) in 1832?
What is the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR)?
What recent scandal was the IOR involved in?
What scandal was the IOR involved in during WWII, just after its founding?
Does the IOR have ties to the three major banking interests?

The Round Table first appeared in 1910 with the

subtitle ‘A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the

British Empire‘. As well as regular articles from…

Anon-X > Yig Wilson March 8, 2018 at 3:59pm
Also, ask these questions.
Who was Hjalmar Schacht?
What was the Delbruck Schickler Bank?
What was the Reichsbank?
What was the I G Farben, Reichsbank, Schickler Bank connection to the Warburgs?
Who was Rudolf Hess?
Who was Martin Bormann?
Who pulled Hitler's strings?
Who was Oliver Lyttelton?
What was his connection to the Nazis and the Milner Group?
Did the Nazis have any associations with US bankers and the prominent US or British families?
How was Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker involved?

The Round Table first appeared in 1910 with the

subtitle ‘A Quarterly Review of the Politics of the

British Empire‘. As well as regular articles from…

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  • The collapse of Communism?

    This will be the last revelation, and the most important. Communism started in France, as French Utopian Socialism, and that is where anarchy originates, which is terrorism, riots, union strikes, and propaganda. This led to Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, who took an underground activist organization and turned it into a political party, known as the Communist League on June 1, 1847, in London, England.

    Cecil Rhodes was born not long after this, in 1853, before Marx died in 1883, thirty years later. Rhodes envisioned a socialist British Empire, as the Jesuits and Illuminati also envisioned. Thus, in 1875, Rhodes wrote that he would start a secret society of socialist British elites to advance British dominion around the world, and take back the United States. He stated that he would use the Jesuit’s constitutions for the society and that they would simply remove the words, Roman Catholic Church, and replace them with British Empire.

    Rhodes also knew of the Illuminati, which was based on the Jesuits and Socialist belief. However, Rhodes knew better than to ever give the society a name, so people could point to it. The All Souls College at Oxford was already teaching Socialism. Thus, in 1902, at Rhodes death, Lord Milner executed Rhodes’ wills, starting both the secret society to run out of the All Souls College at Oxford and the Rhodes Scholarship. They started a front society at the same time, to draw in the American elite. That front society was called the Pilgrims Society.

    The Pilgrims Society worked behind the scene during the Wilson Administration, vial Col. House and the international bankers. They were behind creating the Federal Reserve, and behind the Treaty of Versailles. However, before and during WWI, the international bankers, led by the Germans and British, were behind financing Lenin. They helped him make his way to Russia and financed starting the Bolshevik revolution because they wanted to Czar to change how he ran the country. The Germans planned to take Russia from the Bolsheviks.

    The same international bankers financed the German movement, which had tried to topple Russia during WWI. They created the Bolshevik enemy, and they financed the rebuilding of Germany, along with the Rise of Hitler before WWII.The same Bolshevik movement had reached the US during this time, and Congress began an investigation into them.
    During WWII, the international bankers helped finance Hitler and Stalin, and they continued financing Stalin after the war.

    The USSR started training and financing terrorism after the Nazis were defeated in WWII. During WWII, Hitler made a deal with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Hitler gave the Grand Mufti a place to stay in Berlin and a salary. The deal stated that the Grand Mufti would have the Muslims in Bosnia fight for the Nazis if Hitler would take the Levant, and kill the Jews. Russia replaced the Nazis position after the war, in West Asia.

    The League of Nations collapsed, but after WWII, both the Pilgrims Society and the Roundtable Movement founded the World Federalists Movement and the World Federalists Association, to push for the creation of the UN, which would bring about a socialist world government. The UN was created by the agreement of the European and American nations, and it was led by the intellectual elite and the international bankers. The IMF, the WB, and the IBS came from this group. The Vatican Bank (IOR), which was founded toward the end of WWII, was involved in this.

    The Communist movement didn’t collapse, as many nations claimed that it did during the Reagan Administration. The so-called collapse was planned by the KGB. Andropov planned the fall. They wanted to replace the hardliner communists in control of the government, with a government similar to the Nazi model, which is a Synarchy (a hidden oligarchy). Gorbachev had selected Putin for this roil, and he was quickly raised through the ranks during Yeltsin, as the FSB (KGB) brought the Russian State Duma and hierarchy under their control. They also took control of the Russian mafia and banks. They increased spying on the West back to cold war levels. Communism never died, it was simply hidden as something else. The international bankers, the EU and the UN are cooperating with the Russian plan. The European governments were blackmailed into it, and infiltrated by the Russians (Merkel et al), because of oil and gas, which Europe and Britain need to survive. The new Russians have been colluding with US intel agencies, the State Dept, the Democratic Party, international bankers, and the NGOs since the eighties. The NSA learned of this from several Russian defectors, and they learned of the plan of the fake collapse of communism.

    I advise everyone to view the documentary "The Collapse Of Communism: The Untold Story," by Robert Buchar. The trailer for it can be found at the link below. They interview several high-ranking Russian defectors and several high-ranking people from the US intel agencies.


    Also, you might find the full movie at Putlocker, or another source.

    For God and Country.

  • Some interesting facts.

    Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit professor of canon law in Ingolstadt, just north of Munich. That is just south of where Czechoslovakia protrudes into Germany.

    After Weishaupt ran to France, the Catholic church claimed that he had converted again, and they gave him another teaching position at another Jesuit university, at Gotha Germany. Gotha is close to Erfurt. That is just north of where Czechoslovakia protrudes into Germany.

    The western portion of Czechoslovakia is known as Bohemia.

    The Illuminati used an owl as their identifying symbol, and so does Bohemian Grove and the National Press Club.

    The Saxe Coburg & Gotha family originated from this same area.

    The livery Jewel wore by the irregular Rite of Strict Observance, (who used the Templar tale), which the Illuminati copied, shows three crowned lions in a triangle. The crowned lion signifies royalty, and the royal family is a three-part name. Example: Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe Coburg & Gotha. "Saxe Coburg Gotha is, of course, the real family name of the British royal family, who changed to Windsor during the First World War to dilute any expressions of animosity by the British public."

  • Epstein Island temple brought up by Q.

    I looked into this, and this is what I found. The dome is covered in gold, the skin of the Gods. Gold in Buddhism symbolizes the sun or fire. The most valuable of metals, it is accorded a sacred status through its association with Surya, the sun god of the Hindu pantheon. The building is painted in white and blue stripes. Blue equates to coolness, infinity, ascension, purity, healing, but also killing and anger. White equates to learning, knowledge, purity, longevity, but also rest and thinking. The two birds on top are either horned owls or cockatoos. Cockatoos are native to Austrailia and the islands nearby, so not from the Caribbean. Owls, though, are native, and we know where they lead. There looks to be a sculpture of Posiden, the God of the sea, earthquakes, soil, storms, and horses, in front, with his trident. I would venture to say, that this is a cross between a Greek temple and a Mosque, by its exterior. From this, one can tell what has been taking place here, and as I stated earlier, the perversions go back to ancient Rome and Greece, and also Asia.


    • Epstein had a court date in Mid-March .. was it postponed AgaIn? 

      "These people are sick. Imagine what they want to do with Africa?"

      see Credo Mutwa's 6 hr interview w/David Icke. he tells it ALL!  even tho it's an old interview everything he says is relevant to Today. 

      Paul Hellyer said the same thing about the cabal & aliens 

    • What most people don't know, is that the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), which was started by Crowley, still exists.They are pretty much a bunch of swingers and use so-called ritualist sex magic. Also, Crowley was friends with L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons. The latter two started the Church of Scientology. Hubbard started it as a scam religion, to make money, and he admitted to such in a comment once. Parsons was into the arcane and occultism, and he was involved in the aircraft industry. Hubbard stated something to the effect that if you want to become rich, start a religion. Of course, it seems that southern Cal has drawn every kind of sick freak and pervert that the US has produced, which is why the state is the way it is. California is the home of the largest group of communists in the US, and below them are Chicago and New York City. The radical left stays in the large urban areas, as they know that they're not welcome in the rural US.

    • Crowley called up demons.  it's nothing to take lightly.  his books, I have several. but he did not reveal that the tarot cards had been shifted 8 for 11 and 17 for 19 it's wrong. 

      ever seen the Brotherhood of Light Lessons by CC Zain? I have a pdf 15 mb I can email if you want to see.

      Nicole Kidman's father was about to be busted for his pedophila. when she married Tom it must not have been much of a stretch :/

      Leah Remini Scientology https://youtu.be/TtuX2_XB8q0 via @YouTube I remember when they stood on street corners wanting us to come fill out questionaires

      *remember EST ?  Warner Erhardt (sp) they all looked nutty to me :)  & that's saying loads

      I live in Berkeley :D  SF was always a magnet for weirdos I had a disco there. 

      I have to hear this again to be sure I believe it was the Seagram's liquor people mentioned on Dr Oz as being a cult 

      Cults in America https://www.bitchute.com/video/zQtwl2A5aEM4/ #BitChute

    • reminds me of The stange case Of Charles Dexter Ward - H.P Lovecraft

      what did Lovecraft Know

  • The Federalist Party (aka Pro-Administration party) was the first political party in the US, and many gave their loyalty to the British crown. When some were asked to give their allegiance to the US, they would not, and they were forced to flee back to Britain. They wanted a "big brother" government, or a large controlling federal government, and a national bank. The banks that they controlled in the colonies, which printed the first paper money, are where the Eye of Providence (which came from the Catholic Church), and the unfinished pyramid originate. The Democratic-Republican Party, formed by Thomas Jefferson, was started a year later to counter them. Alexander Hamilton controlled the Federalists. Ask yourself, why was Hamilton really shot?

    Regardless, there were several national banks formed, which failed. The Federalist Party collapsed in 1816, but their membership simply hid or joined the Democratic-Republicans, or later, the Democrats, Whigs, and Republicans. The banks continued to cause the US much trouble until Andrew Jackson ran for President in 1824. He promised that he would destroy the bank. The Brittish elite used slavery as a wedge issue to fan the flames of war, over this very thing. The bankers asked both the north and south enormous interest to finance the war, which neither took them up on. The British and French had stationed themselves in Canada and Mexico, hoping to take the US, and split it between them, if all was lost.

    This same group of elites, US and British, caused the bank runs, which they announced would happen in their own banking magazines. This continued until they joined together, in a secret society, which was formed in 1902, when Lord Milner created it at the All Souls College at Oxford, along with the Rhodes scholarship, according to Rhodes' wills. The Pilgrim's Society was started by this same group as a front.

    The US bankers and industrialists joined the British secret society of Cecil Rhodes, after it's creation in 1902, even though the bankers had been working with each other beforehand, to the detriment of the US. The US elite learned of Cecil Rhodes' society before and during WWI. The Fed was created in 1913, by this lot, before helping pen the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Wilson's fourteen point plan and the League of Nations came from this society. The US players used the British war debt as leverage to take the society over, where it changed from spreading British imperialism, (and taking back the US), to what the US called spreading democracy, and taking control of the society.

    The US has been controlling this Anglo-American establishment ever since, especially after the extra war debt from WWII. They started NATO, which was to protect Europe, for a cost. That is what the "special relationship" is really about. The British elite created the RIIA in 1920, and the US created its sister, the CFR, a year later. Cecil Rhodes' secret society, which ran from the All Souls College at Oxford, also started the Pilgrim's Society at the same time, in 1902. That same handful of elites, and now, their children, run most all the NGOs, even today, who are pushing globalism. One, in particular, is the World Federalists Association, which is now called Citizens for Global Solutions. It was started just after WWII, where they pushed for the creation of the UN and they had backed the League of Nations. It's the same small cadre of elite people behind them all.

    This is the key to it all, including what they did in Germany, during WWII.

    United States presidential election, 1824
    The United States presidential election of 1824 was the tenth quadrennial presidential election, held from Tuesday, October 26, to Thursday, December…
    • in June 2016 there was a conference in Switzerland about the Transmutation of Minerals.

      they said they can make any mineral in the periodic table using Depleted Uranium and a bacteria

      that means they can make gold... why is no one talking about this?!  seen Paul Hellyer's videos?

      He and Edgar Mitchell were trying to get the governments to give full disclosure about Zero-Point Energy.  I saw the hashtags in Assange's post on Halloween along with his pumkin carved like a space ship.  I read some of the letters to Podesta re: aliens. Everything I have read is in sync with what Credo Mutwa says about aliens about who runs the planet and how.  He said the same thing John DeCamp said it has to be in the media to the saturation point Truth must be undeniable to all 

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