As a lot of us know Q had quite a bit to say last night. I am going to lay out all the drops here for easy access. This will also make it easier for us to share our thoughts on them or be able to ask questions that hopefully another of us will have an answer for you. A side note, since I combined 3-4 to save space  the other headers will be off by one. The "Drop #" are correct, so don't let that throw you off.

The first drop was very large:

  DROP 2:

Next 3+4 Combined:

DROP 5-8:

DROP 9-10:

DROP 11:

DROP 12-13:


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ALL Q from day 1 PDF (File can be downloaded or viewed on site)

Strickly MAPS Galore (Beautiful work done here)

Another ALL Q from day 1 PDF file (You may prefer this one over the first one, both are great. Just depends on your preference)

NEW PASTE BIN up to date