I'm sure a lot of you have seen them already, but not everyone lives in our little twitter world and it may also help you focus seeing together.

So, here we go:

The Marker that was referenced as being missed below:


Back to Q drops:

Last  drop for 1/16

Q DROP 1/7:


Q apparently had a lot to say this morning. I myself almost sense an urgency. I think the time wasted on the Ch, threw a little wrench into the proceedings time wise. The good news is we are at least back on track. This is a huge drop so be sure to keep scrolling and try and let it sink it. It is a lot of information.

BTW, since I had that company around, I didn't get to round these up as I usually do. I wanted to get them out and I feel this person presented them pretty well. Their name is @Origamimeme  might want to give them a follow.

Lets begin









Q tried to answer some other Anons questions below:

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ALL Q from day 1 PDF (File can be downloaded or viewed on site)

Strickly MAPS Galore (Beautiful work done here)

Another ALL Q from day 1 PDF file (You may prefer this one over the first one, both are great. Just depends on your preference)

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