Most of us know by now that Q has posted the American Flag on more then one occasion. I know there was a couple times I felt there was something not quite right with them as well as many others that have been following along. I do have a program that can strip a picture basically to find whats hidden inside, but my program never handled .png only jpg. Yeah older program.

Seems some did finally get into or behind them
and below is what they got. Each picture in this main flag is from one of the flags Q has posted. The only thing I really see different in all of them is the shading and placements of dark versus light or dots in the upper left hand corners of each square. Im other words if you divided each of those seperate pictures into 4 parts, the upper left corner is where the suttle differences are.

Now this is all I see, Im guessing everyone will probably see something differnt or know more about this and what it may represent. So please post below what you know or see. We have another puzzle in front of us again!

Im leaving it big so its easier to see.

Fullsized image


Okay so we now know these are basically links to videos Q must want us to watch. I will embed them here for you so you dont have to travel around to get them. Thanks by the way to those of you that commented and got right on it! Thats what I love to see. Team Yig might get pretty savy themselves one day soon eh? Keep up the good work , Im proud of you :)

All videos below from Dee Apps and Wishfuls comments in order: 41:09. If you dont mind someone reading to you. "QANON - The Great American Sting in a nutshell"

Same reader 35:20 "QANON - PORTFOLIO OF PROOFS"

JFK SPEECH 5:13 "JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies!" (Always good to relisten to)

Part 1 to audience address type show 1:04:56 "Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government"

Umm kind of a weird singsong delivery. Good news it is only 1:43 "(Fixed Sound) Rothschild Owned Central Banks of the World"

Again you guys that contributed to solving this very quickly I might add, GOOD JOB and give yourselves a pat on the back :)

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  • Thank u smart ones

  • These aren't the 5:5 videos Q mentioned right? ... was thinking those were more to do with HRC or BHO ...

    • hmmmm  did we ever see 1:5, 2:5 and so on? I'm a bit lost about whether these showed up in multiple flags or just one image....

  • Here are the titles (and order) of the videos listed below

    QANON - The Great American Sting in a nutshell


    JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies!

    Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

    (Fixed Sound) Rothschild Owned Central Banks of the World

    • Perfect.  Was just grabbing all the titles when I saw you had the links!


    • Great team work...BRAVO to the anon that gave us the bar codes...then it was easy :)


  • do those symbols work with a cell phone? aren't they about money?  I stay away from that kind of technology so I don't know .. 

    can you click and rename a png ? change png to jpg and see if it looks different ?


    • Those are QR codes.  You can download a QR code reader for your cell.  Your phone then recognizes the website address embedded in the code.

    • I so rarely do anything with my phone even though I have a good one! PC for me. Now lets see what this is all about

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