The question of what the Keystone may be has been a topic today that seems to have many people thinking about it. We all know it has been mentioned a few times during different points of situations that have come about. Q does seem intent on us figuring it out and it seems maybe we have yet to uncover exactly what it is. Much speculation and plenty of digging, but nothing concrete that has allowed us to honestly check it off as answered with 100% satisfaction.

Im not saying the answer is going to be below, but it does show what we do know from Q and seeing it all laid out may get the thinking in a better perspective to put it together. Just to note when you see a "GITHUB # reference it means the # of the Q drop if you wish to go back and read it for yourselves.

Maybe by the time you get to the end of this you might also think we do have the answer now.



Re-reading the crumbs and searching through old threads it appears we have neither answered Q's question (What is a keystone?) nor found the keystone itself.


Here are some things we know:


(1) The word "keystone" appears in the following GitHub ( messages : 128, 133, 140, 167, 251, 262, 270.


(2) There are several variations on the phrasing:


>What is a keystone?

GitHub 128. This is the fist instance of the word "keystone." It is the only time Q asks "What is _a_ keystone?" (emphasis on the article "a").


>Find the ke[y]stone.

GitHub 128. This instance of the word appears in the same message as the first instance. Notice the "y" in brackets. It is the final letter of a  message embedded within GitHub 128 that reads, "CIA is here pray." The letter "y" will become significant later.


>What is the keystone?

This exact question appears for the first time in GitHub 133. It appears again twice in GitHub 140, then once in 167.


>Find the keystone.

This phrase first appears in GitHub 128 with brackets around the "y". It is then repeated in GitHub 251 and 262 without the brackets around the "y".


>Apply the Keystone.

GitHub 270. This instance of the word "keystone" is the last we see. The phrase in which it is embedded is the only instance of the phrase "Apply the Keystone." Notice that the word "Keystone" is capitalized.


There's an evolution in this sequence of messages. First Q posits "what is" and "find the" keystone together; then Q asks "What is the keystone" four different times in four different contexts; then Q instructs "Find the keystone" in two different contexts; finally Q instructs, "Apply the Keystone" (with a capital "K").


(3) Two definitions of the word "keystone" are important to us:



A keystone is the wedge-shaped piece at the summit of an arch, regarded as holding the other pieces in place.


>Per U.S. government regulations for the classification of sensitive information:

A keystone is that portion of a sensitive document that requires the entire document to be classified.


NOTE: I am indebted to another Anon for this insight. Search for "keystone principle of classification" at the following link for details:




(4) There are three Q messages which clarify the puzzle to be solved (but don't solve it):


>Dec 05 2017 16:01:30 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 38467

>GitHub 269


Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)

Stone - the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info




NOTE that "yielding" in the above should be "wielding." Q highlighted the letter "y" in a previous post.


>Dec 05 2017 16:06:17 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 38507

>GitHub 270


Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =

Apply the Keystone.

Paint the picture.



>Dec 05 2017 16:05:45 Anonymous 38503

>GitHub 271



Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key

POTUS and Patriots = stone


NOTE: This was an Anon post which Q confirmed by citing it by post number without comment.




All the above look like the basic outline of the puzzle to me. We haven't solved it yet. A proper solution would complete the equation in a way that normies could easily understand:




It would also explain:


* Who unlocked the door of all doors? (GitHub 157)


* POTUS opened the door of all doors. (GitHub 167: What does this mean?)



Now there is also some speculation about  the Senior Executive Service being the keystone.

Fullsized image

Most folks Literally have no idea this even existed. Probably a good reason for that. The three links below will give you a very good idea of what this group is all about and you wont be any happeir knowing about. Pissed off might cover it though. Baiscally speaking for a nutshell, it is being reffered to as Obamas Secret Mafia. It no wonder this country is sooo in debt with this bs going on behind our backs.  Excellant ROLLOUT  This link gives very good information and takes you back into the history of how it came about. Janet Reno anyone?

I am also putting this video here if you dont feel like reading.

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  • The more I thought about this, I remembered that Q's posts can have dual meanings. I believe, in the way that he worded those posts, that he is speaking of both the US itself and the Senior Executive Services. There is a new video out, by Thomas Paine, where they're speaking of corporations controlling the SES. The Y family and their cronies are controlling the shadow government, who are protected by the SES from dismissal. It all falls back to that handful of elite, who control the banks and industrialists. Janet Reno set up the SES to protect them. It leads back to GHW Bush and Bill Clinton. Reno served as the AG of the United States from 1993 until 2001. Clinton installed her in his first year, but before, In January 1978, Governor Askew appointed Reno the SA for Dade County Fl, which should raise alarm bells.

  • Who does the Bible say is the god of this age, the prince of this world? 2 Corinthians 4:4- Satan.  Question: Who are the satanists also known as Luciferians of today? It's a good start to some research.

  • Finding the Keystone


    I’ve been working on a CD to hand out to people interested in QAnon, so I haven’t gotten back to my emails. I have two very interesting books. Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stanley Monteith and Hope for the Wicked by Ted Flynn.


    The Cabal is so far reaching from the past to present, circling the globe that is we don’t separate the research, it becomes a tangled web.  Take for instance, banking. 


    Who were the bankers then and who are they now?

    What was their goal then and what is their goal now?

    Where did they start and where are they now?

    When did they gain power and what are they doing with that power now?

    Why did they use their agenda and what is their ultimate goal now?

    How are they succeeding in their end goal?


    Now ask that same question for each of these topics:




    Trilateral Commission

    Round Table

    Pilgrim Society …. And many more of these groups



    The Jesuits

    The Catholics/The Pope




    Satanism / Occult Powers


    Many topics are crossovers.  Take the CFR. This group includes bankers, industrialists, politicians, media owners, Hollywood elites etc.

    • Since 1953, every chairman of the Federal Reserve Board – CFR…
    • Every chairman of the Disarmament Agency
    • All but one Secretary of State
    • All but one director f the CIA
    • Six of the last ten presidents
    • CFR controls both Democrats and Republicans
    • Many news reporters are CFR


    If you don’t know the roots of the banking powers apart from the root of the governing powers, apart from the root of the industrial powers, apart from the root of the media/Hollywood mouthpieces, it all becomes very confusing.


    I studied all of this indepth for my Bible Study about 8 years ago and found I had to build a map to completely understand how it all fits together.  Oddly enough, this is what QAnon is telling us to do.  It’s like a puzzle.  You start with the outer edges and work your way in, or else all the puzzle pieces look alike.  


    QAnon gave us a HUGE tease with the Natural World Order.  This makes our research much simpler.  We can get caught up in the details of many topics and really get caught in the weeds, or we can begin our map with the NWO. 

    • Communism
    • Government takeover
    • Pseudo-equality for all, power for the elite
    • One world government
    • One world religion
    • One world ruler


    If you want a good place to start unraveling the map, look at the United Nations.  Their agenda is already laid out for us.  Agenda 2030.


    What is the keystone?  We may have 10 people working on the map, yet each have an opinion about the keystone.  Having studied biblical prophecy for 30 years, I see the keystone quite clearly.  The bible is like a puzzle of a map.  It has taken thousands of years for pieces of power, governments, countries to come together to fulfill prophecy.  You have powers whose names are references to their geographic location in relation to the land of modern day Israel.


    The first two powers, or Kings, are laid out in the prophecy that was given to Daniel in the third year of king Cyrus of Persia (Daniel 10:1). (President Trump is said to be our modern day version of Cyrus.  I believe this wholeheartedly.)


    • King of the North which would include Russia and all of her satellite countries which is a huge world power today.
    • King of the South which are the Arab confederation which includes the many, many Islamic countries uniting in world power. Think Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt. For a prophecy student, reading the news is like reading the paper.

    Another group of Kings is found in Revelation and known for their huge, powerful military.

    • Kings of the East which are the Far Eastern/ Oriental powers including Japan/China/North and South Korea uniting into a world power. Watching North Korea wanting to make peace with her neighbors gives all prophecy students chills!!!  (Revelation 16:12)


    In the Bible, all of the world powers come against tiny, tiny Israel.  More specifically, all the world powers come against Jerusalem.  The keystone of the world map in the Bible is Jerusalem.  All of the history of the Bible centers around Jerusalem.  Not to be confused with the chief cornerstone this map is built on which is Jesus in Ephesians 2:20)


    Can you see how the Bible’s plan clearly reflects today’s current events?  Amazing!


    But that’s the Biblical perspective.  QAnon is pulling down the powers of the world.  What would be the world’s keystone?  The answer is Satan.  If you have delved into the world of spirit cooking, human sacrifice, pedophilia, etc. this begins to make sense.


    Satan has a plan, laid out in the Bible: One world government (to unite under power), money system (to unite the economies), religion (to unite in spirit).  This is the United Nations 2030 end game, including dividing up the nations into 10 regions. (Daniel 2).  The United Nations Agenda 2030 is a product of the Natural World Order QAnon hinted at.  It has been forming since Nazi Germany. 


    This is the map I will begin to work on.  It fits the world’s past history, current activities, and fulfills Biblical prophecy.  That’s a win, win, win situation.


    Let me know what you think.

  • The Keystone is the US government itself, including the elite shadow government behind it, and those that it's tied to (those within the Y family). Before WWI, the British, via Milner's group, was intending on pursuing a campaign of world domination, including taking back the US. What happened was that WWI occurred, where the British owed the US $54 Bil. for financing the war. That debt increased after WWII. The US, the debtholder, used that as leverage to become the keystone of the group and took over the role of world domination, which was, in their words, to spread democracy. Before, it was to spread British imperialism. That also goes back to the Federalists. That is why the League of Nations, the RIIA, the CFR and the Pilgrim's Society were created, along with the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the UN, and the NGOs such as the Round Table, and Federalists, etc. It is the same small cadre of wealthy elite behind them all, and they fund them all. They use the nations involved as slush funds. NATO essentially guarantees Europe that the US will fight their wars, for a price. That is why NATO is still there, and the Warsaw Pact is not. The US and British have been behind the EU from the start, especially after GHW Bush became president. Covert US involvement in the Middle-East goes back to Eisenhower, with the agreement to help the British in Iran. The thought of a one world government goes back to Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner.

    What happened to the Middle-East after WWI? The land had been controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The British and French divided it up into states, which were controlled by the British and French. Oil and Gas. Thus, you have the controlling families in the Keystone, the Rockefeller family and their cronies (Soros, banks, Silicon Valley), the Rothschilds and their cronies, and the Muslim oil families (royals) in the Middle-East.

    Ottoman Empire 1914:

    Since WWII, the Russians have been on one side of the proxy wars in the Middle-East, with the US and Europe on the other. It is about who controls the oil and gas, which Europe requires. During Nixon, the dollar had to be tied to oil, as we had no gold to back it. See Nixon Shock. Johnson had destroyed the Bretton-Woods Agreement. The huge trade imbalance starts with LBJ. What was JFK trying to stop?

    • in my mind it would seem the short term strategy has been decided to unite saudi arabia and israel with the US for dominance in the ME, cowing Iran, outsting the mullahs and with Israel taking the eventual position of being the dominant local stabilizer in place. that puts this alliance in direct conflict with russia aligned with china and turkey, vascillating, but likely allied as well.  northern syria will be the staging ground for Iran.  i believe that the US/SA/Israel alliance will work to drive a wedge between russia and china, weakening china's dominant economic hold on the region and on the US and eventually will offer russia the opportunity to become a business partner in all that oil and gas.  this of course all hinges on many variable factors, not the least of which is each country's response.  it is a far reaching and potentially explosive intent if so.



    • and now, in light of that larger scope, the question must be asked.  is donald trump and his team of allies truly aligned against that controlling global elite mechanism or is he an instrument in a more local battle to wrest america out of the hands of those who were doggedly implementing 'ottoman' or muslim influence to our detriment, only to then restore america's place in the original one world trajectory.  if he is truly in opposition to the larger concept of the entire globalist elite intention, and given that they are so immensely wealthy, so ubiquitously entrenched, and so well honed in their methodologies, then that effort may need to reign on for another century.


    • bravo!  it is the history we need.  to not know history is to be truly illiterate in the face of events. one must know it to synthesize the web of events and forces we find ourselves enwebbed in. additionally, one must stretch one's mind to incorporate the scope of what the controllers are imagining the world to be and to become.  one simply must make that comprehension.  thank you for the history. thank you.


  • it is difficult for us to truly grasp what it is to live inside and embrace what is by degree an alien perception to our own of what life on this planet should be.  we can only observe it from an outer view for we are not it.  but to comprehend the vast departure that mindset of beliefs represents is incumbent upon us if we are to see the true sweep of the events of the last centuries.


  • we cannot overlook the "capstone" or keystone emblem  on american paper currency.  the tip of the pyramid is our destination to comprehend. if indeed there is a powerful cabal of monied elite who practice a dark religion and their machinations are all in that 'light', then we might grasp an over arching understanding and synthesis of all they perpetrate.  the bird's eye view from the top of that stone mountain.  i am sure there are many other capstone/keystones below that one, but there has always been present with us that singular apex.



    • I don't think it as much of a dark religion, to those in the inner circle, as brainwashing and blackmail. There have been photos leaked from the Rothschild parties, and they were weird. Kubrick made Eyes Wide Shut about it and died not long after. His next movie was to have been about human trafficking and pedophilia. It's an ancient den of iniquity, going back to Rome and Greece. Homosexuality, pedophilia, beastiality, and plain adultery. All blackmail material. Worse, murder, cannibalism and blood, etc in fake rituals. What will someone do to get into that outer circle of helpers to obtain wealth? All the while, doing this in front of witnesses and being photographed or videoed. They must be willing to do anything, even become criminals, in order to be allowed into that most wealthy class.

      The Illuminati broke away from religion, and what was taught in Freemasonry, as at the Illuminati's higher level, it was about man becoming a God, or perfected. In Freemasonry, it is about man becoming moral and perfected to serve God. Weishaupt, a Jesuit, perverted it. That is why Knigge finally left and helped to expose Weishaupt. This is how the elite corrupt or twist what is good, and make people immoral. Once they have you in their grip, there's no getting out of it. Money, and I will add, power, are the root of all evil. These people use that to their advantage to silence the players in the game.

      The Illuminati was about creating a utopian society, with man as Gods. One can find the same thing within the French utopian socialist philosophy. Thomas Jefferson had thought much of it was a good idea. George Washington did not. Washington ordered an investigation into the Masonic Lodges within the states, but found nothing, as far as the Illuminati infiltrating them. However, he admitted that their people could have come to the US. He should have looked at the Federalists.

      Some think that Cecil Rhodes was a homosexual, and believed in these same utopian socialist ideas. Rhode's stated that they were to use the Jesuit's constitutions, for their own societies constitution, and merely change out Roman Catholic Church with British Empire in the text.

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