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Today I bring you another HAT TIP Post from my buddy COM. It is actually a 2 part series with more to come, but I have put the two together here for you as they just released the 2nd part today. I have really been waiting for part 2 before presenting it. Sure seems pretty clear to me what they are saying and I truly think some of you will also "get it." Enjoy the read :)

Part 1

Right now some places in the world are in full lockdown, the actions clearly have nothing to do with the fake virus. Oddly, the Crown Countries are happy for the plebes to be arguing to be freed using the talking points, virus stuff, and NOT the real issues. Nothing, and I mean nothing, with the Controllers is not inversion.

That means, everything the Controllers want you, me, everyone to argue with them over is pointless, because it is NEVER the actual issue. ie, Australia is locking down the population because the government has collapsed, but is using the virus to hide this, so folks are arguing the virus talking points while the government goons laugh because that isn't the issue. The inversion for us is White Hats are using the same events to create reveals of the system itself.

That said.

Arizona Audit.
Key Disclosure of some heretofore unknown information: 911, international election rigging, CIA etc.
Queen Dies.
Military Takes over the US and possibly other countries.
Stock Market Crash.
Financial Reset (separate from market crash).
Civil War over masks, racism, vaxxed etc.
Mass Vaxxed Casualties.
Alien Contact or Disclosure.
Weather Weaponization including 3Gorges.

Those are things we know are waiting to land. Could it be one, two or all? Note, these are all World Wide events.

Will these "events" be White Hat controlled or Black? Note, all of the above can or will be seen by half the population as Black, while half will see them as White. Even more interesting, all of the above have been done by Black Hats often for the very reason Anons want them to happen now = change.

Spanish flu = Vaxxed deaths. Stock Market Crash = Roths get rich. Reset = Fiat Standard. etc.

This point is so very important. So again. Any of the above events HAVE been used in the past by the Controllers to create change, disruption, death, trauma, fear etc. Those "events" are within the collective, in our DNA, and we Anons want to invert those very traumatizing events and use them to liberate, as those are the tools on Earth. This my friends is madness, truly, straight up fooking madness, but the options are limited due to our experience and what motivates us to shift.

It is this last point I will cover in the up coming esoteriQa, and why POV is going to matter more then anything very soon for all who are awakening. Until then, ponder how any single event or combo will disrupt the lives of the planetary population and how we as Anons will lead the way to the light rather then flounder in the dark with any or all of those events arriving.  

Part 2

I mentioned, in passing a bit ago, that the Choice Point related to the jab has passed. At the time I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. As of now I have a much better idea, but admittedly I don't have enough to lay it all out yet. So we'll stick to what seems clear to me as September progresses.

The jabs were introduced under Joe. This matters, from a political standpoint yes, but more so from a much more important complex metaphysical one. The jab reflects a sort of final defining moment in one's life and was not meant to arrive before the Controllers had their say. That choice point has more personal choice convergences per person then any other. Meaning, the sum total of all lifetime(s) choice(s) leads to the, to jab or not to jab, moment for many (not all). I know, seems strange, as many figured the defining moment would look more like meeting at the pearly gates, or a soul based discussion after death. No, the choice point for this reality arrived at the end of a needle pushed by a guy named Fauci.

What it defines is the choice between a commitment to Fear and Compliance or a commitment to Love, Compassion, Understanding, Liberation etc. If one goes back into the arQhives they can see the theme written all over the drops. So when confronted with a boogieman, a fake virus, folks had the inner choice of the lifetimes to make. Do I choose Life, Love and Liberty, or do I choose a path of permanent fear based manipulation and compliance? Do I take control over my own life, NO MATTER THE COST, or do I simply find ways to excuse away the actions I take by using the pre-printed CDC explanations for why my health cum SOUL are not my own but theirs?

This is a case, a very odd case, where the very thing the Controllers are using to control, is in fact creating something unintended by them. They have in fact forced the Human Earther Personality & Soul to choose the path of enlightenment, which the Controllers did not want. It is a choice in which many at the Soul level did want. Many of you probably felt this "should I get the jab..." energy, and then pondered it. I myself never bothered even thinking about it, so the choice point was not as defined for me, which could be why I didn't really notice it at first.

The choice point, still open as I see it now, has opened up two distinct realities. The realities are within each other, but the are not going in the same direction. They are diverging and they will not meet up again. It has created a moment unlike any other in my lifetime, maybe in our 26k year cycle even, and we are going to feel the personal and collective reverberation for some time as we sort out what's what. The jabbed have created a reality rooted solely in fear and compliance. An entire state of being rooted in a cycle of fear based compliance through violent coercion as a means for safety. This is totally incompatible with a world of Sovereignty, Love, Compassion and so on. The two realities are side by side now and cannot merge.

9544232084?profile=RESIZE_180x180Why can't they merge? Because one is fully incompatible with the other and folks have had eons+lifetimes+choices+experiences to come to this choice point. Those who chose the fear path did so because liberation was a bridge too far. Those who rejected the fear path did so because that is simply not acceptable anymore as a way of life. The fear choice will lead to MORE fear for those who chose it, because that is what they chose. We see it now with, "well I chose my path to be free again, but look, now I am not free, and I have to keep getting more jabs rooted in fear..." See, that choice point, in many ways, is the defining moment for both sides and was created by all the information, experiences, lifetimes etc. Many into one. Fear Vs. Love.

When we began Q we assumed all Q would flow along a format, but this jab choice point completion shows me all of that is fully out the window now - gone. The why is too complicated to try and explain even if I was sure I understood it all, which I do not. But I do know enough that this last week has put all the previous events squarely in the past and I suspect many felt it too but couldn't put their finger on it - it all just matters less for many. The petty political elements of The Usual Suspects have given way to the higher concepts of true "Liberation" "Sovereignty" "Acceptance" and so on, which was all mapped in the drops. THOSE are the topics now, not McCabe, Page, or even the Queen.

Team Joe brought us the galactic, Soul-Based, choice point even though they are beyond incompetent. Chew on that.

As I look at Team Joe, and the political aspect of this, it looks as though these nutjobs are in fact just a bad teeeveee sitcom using rejected writers from canceled shows. The West Wing with a laugh track. The tension of 2020 has given way to "they.cannot.be.serious?" That is the Liberation POV, not the Fear POV, with each POV seeing team Joe differently.

So, what is in store for Anons? Well, Anons will be forging ahead with the work, removing the darkest of the dark, exposing the hidden underbelly to the light as before, but with an eye well beyond the early targets and more toward the light itself: Liberty, Sovereignty, Love, Acceptance etc. within the sea of fear based compliance. But... and it is a serious qualifier, they will often feel like they are alone, even among friends and family, even among other Anons. There are two distinct realities going on right now, side by side, the jabbed and the unjabbed to oversimplify, and they are going on divergent paths, not parallel ones and we will see folks moving between all the layers each represents, making connections difficult at times.

The jabbed will demand more and more jabs, triple masks, safe rooms, tests etc. for their safety, the Controllers will comply. Those seeking Liberation will reject any attempt to rule by fear. When one group is talking the other cannot hear what is being said. I'll say this again, Liberation and Sovereignty are words the fear based cannot hear and concepts the fear based view as too much to aspire to in this lifetime. No amount of talking now will bridge that gap with most, and I suspect a lot of folks see that right now. The notion of forced red pilling now is gone, it cannot and should not be done.

9544266871?profile=RESIZE_180x180From each personal POV everyone will be where they need to be, where they chose and choose to be. But, again the qualifier, not all POV's will align, and some may be so far apart that both POV's seem insane to one another. All POV's will be valid from the individual's POV, but beyond that all will be in flux and matching POV's will be a challenge was we all figure out what's what.


Two people can be in the same general reality and have two fully incompatible POV's, with one being very limited and one being too expansive to distill down, let alone convey to another. 

From now on, folks who seek to maintain their path to Soul Level Liberation must do what it takes to stay on that path, no matter how many challenges Controller Grand Theft Auto throws into their path! Those seeking Liberation will struggle for a while to find matching energy, while those seeking fear motivation will find it everywhere they look.

I myself have never seen this before, nor do I have any sense of how one reconciles this day to day. We do our best for now, cliche' but true, This is uncharted territory and requires thinking as far ahead as possible to stay comfortable and to stay on [target]. It requires to be willing to quit, move, leave, scrap a path, quit a hobby, avoid a favorite anything and so on when needed.

Seek the highest POV not the consensus POV which tends to be the lowest. One world, two realities, side by side, no connection. What defines each? Fear or Love. How do you know where you are if the realities are still on top of each other? Fear or Love. That's it.

On the upside, the path the Anons and those of the light are on is open, we are building it as we go. We just have to shed the mindset we built our process on prior to September and be open to the openness. We cannot salvage the past, just look at Team Joe, and we will struggle to build a new version because our brains are rooted in the Matrix reality that champions Team Joe as the Quintessential Governmental Example. Chew on that, 10000 years and Team Joe is what they wanted all along and got.

Expect shaky legs, insecurity, trepidation, coupled with excitement and even a bit of wonder tossed in as we progress. Expect answers/solutions to come from every direction but the expected direction, so remove expectations, especially those rooted in the Fear Matrix. In the Fear Matrix Joe is the leader, just remember that. In the Liberation, Unity, Love reality Source Of All is the leader.






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  • Excellent. What if, at the 30,000 ft view, Team Joe was a Gift? A caraciture so outrageous, so dark, that even the mind numbed are having a hard time justifying their hatred for Trump and their support for a man who would be fired day one from a salesman position on a used car lot? I have pulled away from a lot of digging and research. I don't watch as many political 'uncovering' videos. I believe Light wins. I don't know when. But if Creator is light which is information which is truth-then Truth must win out.

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