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A few weeks ago I stumbled across a website that more and more are starting to come across.

The article that seems to have brought most of the attention is the one about Hillary being tried andung at Gitmo. I even posted it here for you to read back on April 16th. You may recall it, if not you can read it here: A Long Awaited Unknown Trial Has Taken Place You Decide

That website RRN or Real Raw News has been bugging me a bit. It is so simple to blow it off because some of the stories do sound just like that, A Story.
I decided to start reading backwards and see what other things they have put out prior to the HC being arrested and hung etc.
The thing I noticed was all the articles have a flow. In other words they keep connecting and don't leave the trail of information. Something or someone they may have written about a few times manages to keep the details the same. Reading them backwards like I have been doing is kind of like knowing the ending, but now seeing how it arrived there.

I started reading more this morning and one article I wasn't expecting popped up. I did a double take on the date it was published because this was the claim or title I should say:

"Biden Offers $10,000,000 Bounty for Jeffrey “the Kraken” Epstein, Dead or Alive"


It was written Jan 27, 2021. It also had a update.
One of the claims is that Epstein escaped from wherever he was being held on Jan 6 during the chaos that was going on.
In hindsight on that if true, what a great cover to pull that off if someone is "helping him" to do so.

2 Snippets from the original article that is linked above:

"The Bidens learned of Epstein’s miraculous recovery through a tweet by controversial attorney Lin Wood, who unapologetically said Epstein had incriminating dirt on Democratic (and some Republican) legislators. Epstein’s evidence was purportedly so damning, it would have forced Congress to invalidate the Electoral College results. Moreover, a treasure trove of incriminating documents, photographs, and videos would have forced half of Congress to either flee the country or face life behind bars."

“Hunter and Biden had heard many times that Epstein was really alive, but never took it seriously until they read Wood’s tweet—for them, that was the smoking gun. They believe Epstein is alive, but it’s unclear if they knew Trump had him. It’s also unclear why Wood, a declared ally of Trump, would’ve spilled the beans. Surely Wood must have known Epstein was Trump’s ace in the hole to play at the Electoral College certification. Biden wants Epstein back, to squeeze him for info, or bury him,” our source said."

The update introduces another cast of characters getting involved to up the anti, none really being a surprise except maybe Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D) and Tom Hanks.

One other tiny note I thought was odd is that they refer to Epstein as the Kraken. Puts new meaning into, "Release the Kraken" doesn't it?

Now I haven't read any further back yet to know if there is more leading up to this story to follow the story line, but I do have to admit, it does have my attention.

I know for myself now how I have to be careful how I word things on Twit to make sure I don't give them any ammunition to kick me off or put me in twit jail. I know a lot of post I used to be able to just link to I now have to be careful with just the title of my article so that they can go to the website and read what I'm trying to present to the people. Perhaps this writer is doing the same thing with their description About Us page. Disclaimer butt covering.

I'm going to keep reading backwards on that site to see whats what, but I thought I would bring it to your attention and the view I'm slowly forming on it.

Link to Home page of RRN


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  • If RNN really made a mistake reporting who attended the execution then we will probably not hear from them again! If we do then part of the plan? :-)

  • https://rumble.com/vg885l-dark-outpost-04-28-2021-the-night-hillary...

    Not sure if David Zubrick is accurate , seems to exude full certainty...

    I don't like even listening to ' alt presenters  ' who clearly have their eye on the CASH Register , ( charlie ward , rick of blessed2teach , A.W.K. ,   ) but , needs oblige ...

    I mean, look at all those re-typing thr Gitmo list , andre-hashing as '  updates !  ' 

    https://www.humorousmathematics.com/post/mid-2020-gitmo-update-arre...      has a forum abandoned , glaring errors , and STILL ,it gets re-posted , simply to uprate ' pay-for-clicks  ' revenue..... gives the alt Truth-Movement , a bad image ?


    Dark Outpost 04-28-2021 The Night Hillary Was Hanged
    • Yeah David isnt real high on my list. Talks a good game will give him that.

  • According to that site, Hillary Clinton has been hanged?  That is really hard to believe.

    • Yes that is the article I posted back in April that I linked first :)

  • I look forward to following up on this article; and so, I thank you.

    This blog seems familiar from a long time ago.   I think I found it via bonefides from an interviewee on YT.   Maybe it will come to me.


    (cool I guessed my password to your sharing site here)


    Be Well

    • From what I was able to figure out, that website came on the scene at the very end of Dec. 2020.

    • I've read a few RRN posts and found them wordy in unnecessary detail but light on sources. I know I shouldn't throw out the message for the odd writing style of the author, but it throws off the credibility.


    • I went back and read every post. They do remain consistent throughout all post. As some stories are connected. I think the writing style may be on purpose. Hide the truth in the noise.

      I mean seriously with everything they have posted since they started last Dec of 2020 and all the names and accusations they have made, if they were truly all false, someone should have come forward by now with some sort of Libel lawsuit, or some sort of lawsuit. There doesnt appear to be any evidence that has happened as of yet.

      Even their disclaimer doesnt come across as all that strong. Seems rather basic. That website seems like it is a bit like mine. I mean that as far as being a single owner. The last thing I could afford would be some sort of slander/libel lawsuit.

      Now that owner may be much better off than I am and can afford it, but for most single owners its a struggle everyday. I know it is for me. This website is all I have for income since my stroke so it basically keeps me fed and the roof over my head, but that is a very tight rope I walk day to day. I dont get paid for clicks nor do I have advertising of any sort. Thankfully some members do pitch in and help, but every dollar is precious for me. To be sued? I might as well just shoot myself because it would be over for me.

      Like I said though that owner/writer is most likely a lot better off or in a better position than I am. Really quite the gamble to play with it like they do. So why would they?


This reply was deleted.

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