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I have been thinking about this vax issue for a few days now. I'm wondering if we are approaching this all wrong and I'm also wondering if Q actually did try to point to this somewhere along the line.

We have so many people that think WE are off our rockers with our statistics and information about the vax because they got them and they feel fine. Therefor in their minds all the other people suffering side effects and even death are just a fluke. The fact that the MSM will not give them the real numbers of deaths associated with the vax doesn't help either. All it does is make us look even more off the wall when we try to present the real numbers as we know them. Even showing them footage of others that now regret that they got the vax or talk about the symptoms they have now when they were very healthy beforehand doesn't phase them either. Again just a fluke.

Now some people are under the impression that those that haven't suffered any side effects may have only gotten saline shots. That seems to be just where it is left and not pursued beyond that point.

What if it IS some other reason? What do all these people have in common? Is it a genetic thing? Maybe some have the same Dr in certain areas that is secretly giving them somethign else, the saline perhaps if anything? Maybe there is a "timer" affect that wont go off until later?

So much with Q is mirror related. Have we missed something? It seems many think it has to do with 5G and frequencies. Maybe these people that aren't effected vibrate at a different frequency?

I don't know, it just seems to me there must be a common denominator that we are missing. Why do some people that are vaxed lose use of their legs, or the muscles go slack in their mouths. Even the ones that do become afflicted seem to have common ailment categories among them.

At this point I'm hoping this post makes any sense. I just feel if we could figure out those kind of answers of whats the same and what different for these groups, we might get further ahead in understanding whats really going on with this whole thing besides the obvious.

I know Q has pointed at something like this coming so it seems like that answer should be there as well. Anyone???


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  • I have wondered the same things

    1) A Placebo -i.e NS (normal saline) shots?

    2) Genetic susceptibility-Family lines?

    3) Activation via 5G?

    My son, 46 has had a lot of health problems since his brain hemorrhage in 2008 (disabled) He is now overweight, smokes like a chimney, drinks beer every night and BP is really high and now on meds. Needless to say he doesn't take care of himself and has had 2 moderna jabs.

    With coagulopathies (Blood clotting disorders) associated with these jabs, and his history of brain hemorrhage, I was very concerned about him but so far nothing has happened.

    Strangely, his brother drove him both times to the clinic for his shots. The first time, Adam (who drove him) got very unwell that night. Fever, nausea, headache, weakness for no reason. He felt like crap all night. OK the next day. First thing I thought was his close proximity to him (Jab son)  in the car.

    I won't go near jab son because of the shot.

    Is everything-down to the ppl getting the jab-choreographed-on a very high quantum level?

    Been listening to Marina Jacobi lately and although very far out there-this is next level stuff and  I am really wondering about paralell realities and timelines. Even the idea that pre incarnationaly some of the death victims to the jab may have agreed to sacrifice themselves in order to wake the rest of humanity up.

    Food for thought anyway.

  • Well.....we know we were lied to about EVERYTHIG since we were born....Where does that leave us???  Maybe this is a Big Wakeup Call for Humanity to take back its Sovereignty & start thinking for themselves again???!!!  

    Have any of us EVER asked before...."Exactly, what ingredients are in that injection?"

    On my yearly Medicare Form on giving an explanation for why I didn't want the yearly Flu Shot I wrote one word,,,,"Aluminum"...my Dr. didn't say a word about that!! 



  • I've been thinking it's a difference of saline vs "real" shot since it's all still officially a trial thing until 2023 (correct me if I'm wrong on that).

    The rrelative I share a hosue with is the prime candidate who SHOULDN'T have taken that thing under any circumstances but did (moderna) and also should have come down with the covid and suffered greatly pre-injection. But he didn't.

    He has damn near every health condition you can imagine,a history of heart trouble for years now and is, pretty much the same manner of "normal" as he was before he finished with the 2 doses in May.  The2nd jab made him feel kind of crappy but nothing serious. It's weird.

    He may be going for the regular flu shot soon, so we'll see what happens with that.

    The mind--it boggles.

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