• Sammy, Yig here!

    I love the fact that you are posting on here, but could you do me a favor and at least give a little discription about what you are linking people to? You will most likely get more people to actually click on it if they know it is something that is of interest in their wheelhouse. Many people ignore clicking just single link with no idea what it is.

    Plus it would be nice to actually hear your own thought on the subject at hand and adds more to the website as a whole. People sharing thoughts and opions :)

    Thanks hun

  • My Father, having been a Bapdtist minister, gives me credence in speaking on this subject!  For around 70 years I believed The Bible was THE Word of God....I had no basis for this belief, other than, "My Daddy told me so!"  

    We never checked in to exactly where this book had come from & why we believed what we did!!  Turns out we never bothered to check out the myriad of Ancient Texts that predated The Bible!!

    The Creation Story we have in Genesis comes from the Enuma Elish & the Atrahasis!!  The word we see trranslated as "God", actually is "gods"....little G, which means the "God" of the O. T. is NOT the Creator of All.  

    I have found Billy Carson to be an excellent source of info as he HAS read all these Ancient Texts & can put things in perspective.  4biddenknowledge

    Because of the experiences of my own life & observing those around me I have come to the conclusion that The Bible has been a part of the Control System put in place by Our Contollers!!  The best Slaves are those who do not even realize they ARE Slaves!!

    Each person is free to believe whatever he or she chooses....have at it!!  What we have been living through goes to show that Critical Thinking has gone the way of the wind & the General Public has been brainwashed to the point of Obeying The Authorities that some choose to walk blindly into a trap set by Our Controllers!!

    I have found Billy Carson's, "Compendium of The Emerald Tablets" quite informative & more believable than The Tale put together by Our Contollers.  

    James Gilliland has been out near Mt. Adams for 36 years & is another source of "true" intel for any who might be interested!  ECETI   

    There are so many, like our Yig, who have dedicated their lives to helping others reexamine their Belief Systems!!

    I've said all that to say this....I think we need to take into consideration ALL the Ancient Texts & not place one as the Final Source, above all others, as The Truth!!

    • Im with you my Dear Loxie.

      The Bible has been rewritten so many times by man with their own agendas over time, Im actually amazed anyone takes it as seriously as they do at this point in time. Not to mention one often gets bullied into it. Heaven forbid you say anything against it as well. That train goes off the tracks really fast.

      Then there is preaching all about Love one another while in the same breath passing Judgement in very nasty ways on another just because their point of view may differ. I have yet to understand the reasoning and how there is anything ok with that.

      I can only speak for myself, but My God is much more loving than the one portrayed in the Bible. Way to much fire and brimstone revenge for such a loving creator. That sounds a lot more like Man than a loving God.

      I also think the simple Do Unto Others as You would Do Unto Yourself is probably the best rule of thumb to follow. We are all one so its true, hurting others only hurts yourself.

      How much more do you really need to know except for maybe the Power of Prayer. That is a conscience intent and very powerful. Of course I wouldnt use it to just win a bet in a tied situation after the two minute warning! 

      I have always believed there is much more to the different stories one hears about the "gods." 

      Hell, Zecharia Sitchin may be closer to the truth of things as much as so many others.


    • Well said YIG and Loxie Lou

      I have gone in a big circle in my religious, 'er' spiritual beliefs over the last 50 years.

      I have found many wonderful, absolute truths in the scriptures as well as many contradictions and things said that make God look like a genocidal maniac. Did he really require the foreskins of 1000's of enemies as a sweet smoky sacrifice for his magnificent nostrils? LOL

      IMHO, the Bible has been made an object of idolotry for many Christians. But that's ok. It's their path.

      I used to go to church 3-4X a week, read my Bible cover to cover many times and did topical studies in the original languages.

      I was married 10 years to a religious, self righteous Bible banger who was anything but righteous (Cheater, financial abuse, mental abuse blah, blah blah)

      I haven't set foot inside a church in 20+ years but I pray many times a day-for humanity and people in need. I try to raise my vibration by embracing universal love and compassion and not getting sucked into the current drama as it is all a game (watch Dolores Cannon)

      Yes the bible has been corrupted, edited and mistranslated to the max.

      And of course, everyone from every other religion, regardless of how decent, kind and loving they are are ALL going to go down a greased chute straight to hell where they can burn and crisp for eternity.(Including all those Jesus denying Jews who died in the camps)

      Who the hell thinks this shit up?

      Not to offend anyone. I do love Yeshua with all my heart but Christianity is more the religion ABOUT Jesus than the religion OF Jesus.


    • Yep!!  How DOES one reeducate the Public concerning what the Bible REALLY is.....a control mechanism!!  How does one explain to them that the "God " of the Old Testament is NOT the Creator of All but an imposter?!

      When I came across Billy Carson's 4biddenknowledge, I thought I had stumbled into a Gold Mine!!  Seeing a UFO as a little boy what started him on his particular Journey!  

      On his Personal Journey he has actually read most of the Ancient Texts & has copies ot them in his home.  The Creation Story we have in Genesis comes from the Enuma Elish & Atrahasis.  What we get in Genesis is like a "generic" version of the terraforming of our planet.

      We're talking about Beings who have the ability to terraform planets!  For anyone who wants to broaden their view on the Totality of Everything, please check out Billy Carson's "Compendium of The Emerald Tablets".


    • To is so "freeing" to finally understand the this Christianity Thing handed to us by the Roman Catholic Church is nothing but a Control worked!!  We have all been good little Serfs, obeying whatever The Authorities tell us to do.  There has been no Critical Thinking; you just sit in the pews & act like Zombies!!  

      It was because of my own Rude Awakening within the Christian System that I got started on my Personal Journey to figure out what the heck was wrong with it that it could ruin so many lives???!!!  

      It seeme the entire world is waking up & questioning what has really been going on!!  HOORAY for The Great Awakening!!!

    • You got that right. What I have discovered and have come to embrace-especially after watching dozens -maybe 100's of Near death experiences-is that the universal creator embraces all-from the back woods ignorant hillbilly to the sophisticated seminarian. He truly is no respecter of persons. The parable of the prodigal son is a true representative of 'the father' and if jesus came for anything , it was to supplant the angry, jealous God of the Old Testament with a loving, tender father who sees way beyond our supposed sins and embraces us anyway.

    • Lauren....The is why they changed the true Jesus message, so they could keep us brainwashed for centuries!!  

      I like how Billy Carson put this:  "God is a Frequency you tune in to!"  Now that makes much more sense, doesn't it?!!  

      Each person has both Light & Dark within & each must make the decision which side to follow.  Has nothing to do with a Third Party doing ANYTHING for us; we each must choose!

      I would say each lifetime we spend here is part of our Learning Process & Growth for our true self..our Soul!! 

      I am a Soul; I HAVE a body!!!  Puts a whole new perspective on things, doesn't it?!

      One has to embrace everthing one has lived through realizing it was just  part of our Growing Pains, progressing to a new level of Consciousness.  It was not time wasted!  We would not be who we are today if all had been a Bed of Roses from birth!!

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