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Maybe We Are On The Moon

Lets cover something a little different today just to rest our minds a little bit. Though Im not so sure it will really rest after you get through this post!

Now no doubt the first thing your mind is going to probably do is scream FAKE because with the impressions we are under at this point in time, there would be no way any of this could be possible. Or could it?

We know we are much more advance in our technologically then we are lead to believe military wise. We know our dear POTUS Trump made a big point of putting the Space Force together. Perhaps he did this to open the door and let us know what we have been up to for some time now.

Another question you might have to ask is why we never went Back to the moon. We have had our sights firmly planted on Mars for some time now. Why would that be? We didnt even scratch the surface of the moon  figuratively speaking. You would think we would keep going back as that is the perfect platform to launch ourselves even further out into space, or at least get us that much closer to Mars. You know, why arent we up there trying to build a base? Yet as far as we know we haven't gone back. That in itself doesn't make much sense. Perhaps there is no fanfare about going back because we are already there and have been for quite some time. There are many publications that do claim just this and those claims aren't made by fictional authors either.

So with that in mind, here we are with our story for the day.

For the back story we need to start here. There was a live stream that had been running for a while and it looked to be like a mounted camera on the moon. It ran from 11th may to 18th may and was filmed apparently from Langrenus crater. Some folks have already checked it out and it appears to be shot from the moon as the position of the earth and the sun were correct at the time.

As you can see I have embedded a few videos below. One youtuber took the time to capture some parts of the live stream and I have posted the ones I think you may find interesting. Most are very short clips.

Im going to go a little backwards here and post another video where another youtuber talked about this to give you a better idea of  what was going on and what you can expect to see/ hear in the other videos I will post following it. This video is about 12 minutes, but as I mentioned it will give you a good idea as to what to expect.

Now according to the poster I will be posting from for the rest of the videos, it seemed that whoever was in charge of the camera moved it a bit every couple hours. This first quick snip gives you an example of this. It is actually when the live stream was coming to the end.It is only 1:47 in length.

As mentioned in the first video there was some audio captured. These next 3 clips will be an examples of that. First one is :07. You can also see there was a live chat for the viewers. That would actually add a little more strain on the live feed.

This is Audio 2. You will hear the name "Challenger" mentioned. I don't know if this was for the actual Challenger, I do know that the lunar module from Apollo 17 was also named Challenger. Or, it could be a different Challenger all together. This clip is 1:35

This is the third audio clip. In this one you will hear Apollo 12 called out. Clip is :28.

This last clip is the one where you will see Earth in the background which was pointed out in the first  video I posted and that it does indeed line up for where it should be. While there is a "Hum" in the audio you can hear audio and even music underneath it. Perhaps someone has a program that can strip the hum noise out and post it here? You also get more camera movement with this footage. This clip is 6:43 in length.

One other thing I would like to add before I close this out. If you recall from the first video, the guy mentioned a couple times how the person that posted this live stream only had the one video being the live stream and 14 followers. Now look. 30.6k subscribers and no video content. Curious eh?


So, what do you think? Someone out in the desert with really good wifi to live stream hours on end to youtube, while playing old audio clips and sound bytes from the Apollo era and using old stills as the backdrop?

Or, are we really up there and someone is trying to actually let us know?  Or??? I will leave the third Or up to you to fill in the comments :) Either ways its pretty interesting eh?


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  • Multiple insiders have come forward with in depth and detailed stories of lunar and mars bases and they all dovetail pretty well. So either they are all pathological liars or we really have had secret space programs for decades.

    Would our dear government lie to us? Nah.

This reply was deleted.

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