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If you would be so kind as to watch this 4:22 video below I would appreciate it. Patreon has shut me down and this puts me in a very hard position.

I have posted what their letter said below the video.


Reye (Patreon)

Jan 20, 2021, 6:47 AM PST

Hi there,

My name is Reye and I’m on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. I took the time to review your account and I have to inform you that your page is standing outside of guidelines and has been removed. 

Following our policy update concerning Qanon accounts, Patreon can no longer support accounts that advance disinformation promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory. Because your content falls within this realm, we can longer allow your project on Patreon. 

I'd also like to clarify that because you are funding your content through Patreon, our guidelines extend to content that might be elsewhere online. This means that although you might not share the same piece of content on the Patreon site directly, our guidelines apply equally to off-platform activity.

My team takes the removal of pages very seriously, and we only commit to this action after a thorough review process. If you would like to appeal this removal, please send over anything that you believe is relevant and my team and I will review your response. If you ever decide to fund a different project that falls within our Community Guidelines in the future, please contact guidelines@patreon.com

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to address them for you.

All the best,
Patreon Trust and Safety
Monday - Friday


Thank you for watching and please know any help is truly appreciated :)

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  • You tell'm, Lauren!!  The Silent Majority has been silent for too long....we see the results of that, don't we?!!!

    Remember, DJT said they would be back in "some form"......he hasn't lied to us yet!!!

    I was talking to a friend yest. & told him, "Well, we had a rapist for a President, why not a pedophile?!!"  Sad, isn't it???   Their "reign" will soon be OVER!!!

  • I Just sent them this email

    It is clear that this recent attack on the God Given Freedom of Free
    Speech and the recent purge of videos through You Tube, deleting of
    accounts from Twitter, deletion of Groups on Facebook and de
    platforming of any and all  content or authors of content that the
    shadow government deems threatening is the beginning of Orwells Brave
    New World.
    Your actions are despicable and revolting in every conceivable way.
    No matter that neither conservatives nor those who follow the theories
    of Q promote any kind of violence or racial superiority or xenophobia
    or homophobia etc despite the media lies, seems to be irrelevant to
    If you are secure in your TRUTH, why would these things be so threatening to you
    Can't mention COVID-19 Treatments despite reversals by the same
    organizations which previously condemned them
    Can't mention  The election Fraud and theft despite overwhelming evidence
    Can't mention the corruption in government which is Now being declassified
    And so much more
    At the same time, every single one of these platforms mentioned has
    allowed even promoted unceasing hateful attacks against those on the
    political right.
    Death threats, wishing for our Presidents assassination, promoting the
    violence, arson, looting, physical assaults and even murder by ANTIFA
    and BLM in ciities CAUGHT ON VIDEO in every major city in this Nation.
    Your hypocrisy is Nauseating. Your double standards are mind numbing.
    Your projection is stratospheric.
    This is what I firmly believe.
    The power, the influence behind this political agenda is one of great
    spiritual darkness.
    Socialism and Communism is just the start.
    And everyone who works for and promotes the policies of these
    companies, medias, platforms, is, by Proxy, under the control of this
    This includes YOU.
    I feel sorry for you. I would NOT want to be in your shoes after you
    leave this life. Your karma is going to be terrifying.

  • Hang in there Yig! Weve got you! 

  • So sorry, Yig!!  I guess this was bound to happen, even tho', supposedly the whole Q Thing should be over since their guy got in??!!!  Big Joke, eh?!!

    HEY, EVERYBODY!!!  We need to get behind Yig & help her out, even a few $$$ a month, or we will lose this outlet for Free & Open discussion!!

This reply was deleted.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, Please consider making a small donation. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you

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