Seems Fiona Barnett has been Pulling the Wool

This just showed up on the 8 and man o man its a doozy. I've started reading it, but I figured you guys might want to get on it asap because its very detailed. Someone did a deep dive on Fiona Barnett and its looking like she isnt who she says she is. I have always felt there was something wrong with her picture, now I feel a bit redeemed. Just from what Ive read so far in the file, I dont see how anyone could still hang on in believing anything she puts forward from here on out. Though Im guessing many will still hang on regardless.

From the Chan:


Fiona Barnett claims that Helena Holowczak is her grandmother who sex-trafficked her from

the age of 2 up until 13 years old, along with her step-grandfather Peter Holowczak, who she

sometimes refers to as Poitre. She states that Peter and Helena often took her to be sexually

abused by members of the Nazi community who had settled in an area south of Sydney, which

ran from the Sutherland Shire to Wollongong. These are allegedly the parents of her alleged

father Frank Holowczak, aka Mitek Frank Holowczak, aka Mitek Rylko. Fiona Barnett also

alleges she has six siblings and two daughters, Kasia and Sophie.

 Who’s names are missing from this headstone? ALL OF THEM. Hundreds of pieces of

indisputable evidence, with direct links and screenshots are in this document below. There are multiple bad actors involved with this operation. This is not a single woman behind all of this.

 IMPORTANT: The purpose of this evidence is to expose the operation for what it is –

destroying victims lives, as well as advocates for children, to create chaos, division, and an

army of doers, plus much more. DO NOT attack Fiona’s alleged family members, and

most certainly DO NOT attack the real Holowczak family.

 Most importantly, it would not

be advised to attack the other players involved. INSTEAD, EXPOSE IT ALL.


I have also uploaded the pdf here for you if you dont care for MEGA





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  • in this interview she hints she has some illness and won't be here I believe the pan will come out for the collection

    Conversation with Fiona Barnett (

    Conversation with Fiona Barnett
    Fiona has been quiet for a couple of years, but has gratefully given me her time for an interview on what she's been through and observed in the past…
  • She is back on the treadmill...In Australia there is a push to reveal the allegations of 29 so called pedo's in the Wood royal commission...She can smell the green and is even claiming she bought up matters at the Wood royal commission....this is new...she fronted outside the royal commision into pedophilia but did not act as witness...She hijacked the press...Conversation with Fiona Barnett (   I tried to tell this bloke she is rubbish....but he must think I'm some i said she must have live 200 years.

    Conversation with Fiona Barnett
    Fiona has been quiet for a couple of years, but has gratefully given me her time for an interview on what she's been through and observed in the past…
    • Thanks for the update Mike! If you read through the comments on this article you'll see I went through pretty much the same thing just for even daring to publish the dig.

      People are funny, they are only woke when the truth suits them.

      I agree with your other comment, seems like a good warmup  to the collection plate.

  • Is this the stuff someone released on her seveal years ago when she pulled off of twitter?

     She was so pathetic.

    • Yes it is. I was on the 8 the day it dropped. Read it all and then posted it here for others to read.

      Lol you said "was so pathetic." You think that is still past tense? She is still playing her reindeer games now that the storm of this has past and most of forgotten. The new followers that are clueless.

    • 🤦🏼‍♀️ I did not know it was still ongoing.

  • Thanks YIG for this post. Get out the fire extinguishers! Some folks burst into flames.

    That there is horrendous abuse of children going on in this planet is beyond denial. And it staggers the mind to wonder what could motivate someone to fabricate horrendous abuse.

    I read somewhere that there was only one thing worse than abusing a child and that is to be falsely accused of abusing a child.

    I read some things last year that threw some doubt on Fiona's story and it certainly gave me pause.

    What I  did with that info was to put it in a mental drawer for God to sort out because I certainly can't.

    Whether Fiona's story is true or false does NOT change the reality of child sex trafficking and SRA. We should keep that in mind.

    Playing devil's advocate for a minute, would dark forces ever stoop to fabricate a story of the very abuse they perpretate in order to discredit ALL stories of child abuse? 

    Something to think about. Try not to get triggered.

    I am an abuse survivor and have healed enough not to jump through that hoop.

    Bottom line is child abuse occurs, regardless of whose stories are accurate or fabricated.

    They can't ALL be fiction.


    • First, Im very sorry to hear you were a victim yourself. Sounds like you have found your balance with it as much as possibly can be done all considered. Good for you.

      Now I agree that Not all of it is fiction. I believe that 100%. There is a silver lining here in the fact that she has drawn much attention to the situation and the fact the higher up are included in this hell side of abuse.

      You can see how people took it in their comments for the most part, by attacking the messenger. Funny thing is, if they knew who actually did the dig, they may very well change their tunes, but thats another story that wont be told here. They dont need the headache of peoples disbelief if you know what I mean. They  took the time to do the dig which is one hell of a dig, their job is done.

      I posted it because there are just too many points made in this dig to ignore. I highly doubt those that are reacting aggressively to this dig read any further than page 5 and thats giving them credit. Most responses sound more like parroting what she herself before she disappeared. The fact she ran off as soon as it was posted is also a curious reaction.

      I also posted it because I cant stand seeing someone pulling the wool over others eyes and playing on others sympathy for different personal gains. People work hard for their money and there are so many True victims that could really use that help that people do want to give. She certainly isnt hurting in the pocket, or at least she didnt appear to be at the time of the post. Since then I have no idea.

      Then there is Kappy and all that went on then, but again thats another story.

      What is really sad though is people keep saying they want the truth, but only when its comfortable for them. That isnt going to get us very far going forward.

    • Thank you YIG. Yep started 'remembering' after baby number 5, the only girl' was born when I was 36. Talk about irony. And he was a Bible banging, bigoted, violent alcoholic-pedophile who abused several members of the family (My mom, her sister, her sisters 3 kids, his sons daughter, me)

      A trail of destroyed and damaged lives.

      I wonder how my life might have been changed if I had remembered earlier and gotten counseling instead of making all the damaged choices i made with that festering nightmare inside of me.

      No matter.

      I believe we choose our incarnational path before we get here so we learn.

      It's all good in the end.

      But there are people who have chosen a path of darkness that are gonna have some serious karma to work off.

    • To Lauren....I strongy urge you to get a copy of "The Compendium of The Emerald Tablets" by Billy Carson.(4biddenknowledge)  Thoth gives us the story of his own Personal Journey & one can get a different slant on we humans & what our place is in the Bigger Picture.

      We are "bound by death to the circle of life", which says it in a nutshell.  But, we CAN get ourselves out of this & we don't have to wait for Jesus to come & save us!!  There WAS a real Jesus, but his true story was co-opted & made over into a Control Mechanism!

      The book "The Jesus Papers" shows from Roman records that he was alive in 45 & bought a piece of land outside of Alexandria....he was never crucified.

      This saying by Dresden James sums it all up!!  "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold, gradually, to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous & its speaker a raving lunitic!"

      I'm one of those "raving lunitics" & don't care who knows it!!

This reply was deleted.

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