The Adrenochrome Bust You Never Heard About

This is going to be a little tricky trying to bring you this story because it goes back in time to when Q was first posting. 10/30/17 to be exact. This was before Q was even Q, but you will see these drops on the Q map if you go back to the beginning.

Thing is, this isnt about Q at all. This is about another anon that was posting at the same time.

I was on the board (4chan) when this occured and I remember it quite clearly. The drop this anon made occured over 4 different board post. So you are basically looking at over 1400 comments to wade through. Im not going to make you do that. I am going to bring out the relevent pieces though and try and give you the short story to a very long story.

As it happens in the world of the chans, this anon got named rather quickly. Oddly enough the other anons took to this anon much quicker than they did Q and gave him a much easier time. We named him HighwayPatrolman. I will call him HP going forward.

The crazy thing about this bust is because of one stupid trucker that didnt keep an eye on his weight load and HP's team happened to pull them over for a check.

This is where the conversation started all about it on the board.

ANON: Turdeau connection can be:
He took money from Soros - documented and can be found in articles from CBC
He gave money to Clinton Foundation (our money)
Could also be in talks to give Clinton, Soros and their hell spawn safe haven
Or maybe he had some spare Native children to donate to their cause.
Who the fuck knows for sure 

HP: I reckon some free Native Adrenochrome and the rest. My Team just seized a shipment of dried Adrenochrome(20kg); that was marked for shipment to Canada. We thought that it was Cocaine or some other narcotic and thus seized it. Our test kits gave no indication and we sent it to Lab. Results came back as Human Adrenochrome, which freaked the fuck out of the Lab Technicians. 

Of course HP was asked about this comment and when it happened

HP: It was a few days ago, but we are keeping it in one of our secret evidence locations, until it found whom shipped it and whom the recipient was supposed to be. 20kg is literally worth, at least, $100 billion. No use contacting the Feds or RMCP about it either. We have no idea really what to do with it, besides keep it or dump it far out in the ocean.

Where was it suppose to go?

HP: Yukon Territory, which is making no sense to us. 

Another anon was trying to call him out about it being dried adrenochrome.

HP: More like flash frozen. It was discovered in a Track-Trailer refrigeration unit. It was weighing in 100kg over declared weight at a one of our weighing station. I do not even know what Adrenochrome like that would be used for, but apparently, it can be used as an oxidation agent.

ANON: As far as it going to the Yukon, all I can guess is that they were banking on it getting there, hoping that the weigh stations were gonna think it was just winter supplies. From there, they can take all that, and repackage it for resale in a place where absolutely no one will give a shit, and there is zero surveillance. Then, you can transport it on smaller planes to locales throughout the world. I'm guessing that they've figured out how to long term store it, even in liquid form, so it doesn't lose the high one gets from it.

Have your investigators looked at the specific town it was destined for to see who owns what there? That would be my next guess, especially the address it was destined for.

HP: I told them to look at location in more detail without going through the RCMP as much as plausible. Could large enough doses be used for Assassinations or Homicides? That is their unofficial theory for now, besides it being used an oxidation agent or for unknown reasons. 

Now of course at this point Q has been kind of forgotten and all eyes are on HP. Most of what we have learned over the last couple years came up such as Spirit Cooking etc.. I will save you all that reading. The fact that it can parallelize you did come up and this is what HP said to that.

HP: That is sounding even more plausible than other theories from an LE stand point. Maybe, it is how Justin Castro is controlled. Andrenochrome can induce schizophrenia too apparently. Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxic, psychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses in what they called the "adrenochrome hypothesis", the researchers speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and Niacin could cure Schizophrenia by reducing Brain Adrenochrome. However, these hypotheses have never been scientifically accepted; adrenochrome is not currently believed to have any psychedelic properties."

Now this is where it gets interesting outside of what we already know. Remember the "Oxidation?"

ANON: Copper-induced oxidation of epinephrine. 

So whoever shipped this shit is literally shipping it en masse to a major mining firm whose primary product is copper. And copper is used for adrenochrome. So you just stumbled on one of the major locations of adrenochrome for the elite, all because some fucktard fucked up how much to load onto a trailer.

The capstone website says that their major operations are Minto, YT, Kutcho, BC, Pinto Valley, AZ, Cozamin, state of Zacatecas, Mexico, and Santo Domingo, Region III, Chile. So I'd bet that these are also major distribution/manufacturing facilities for adrenochrome worldwide, used by the elite and their forces.

Maybe have your investigators look around the Arizona location, as no one will bat an eye. I'd bet that the firm that sent it to the Yukon also sends it to AZ.

Someone did ask if the driver had a manifest of where he was going.

HP: Emerson, North Dakota crossing. The rig was to be handed off to another driver in Calgary

And now the Copper mines come into  play.

HP: I found why copper would be important.

Seeing as this board has been archived, I dont mind giving you the link to it if you would like to read it over yourself. I know you chan readers know how to follow it. The digs do start going into the indian reservations and some "shell" companies come up also. PAGE 1 of HP Drop on 4 chan

Some digs:

It turns out that Imperial Metals/Selkirk Metals don't have an upper midwest mining op, just the Nevada one. But... they're financially insolvent.

Billionaires Murray Edwards and Bruce Berkowits are billionaires saving Imperial Metals "again". So, these two billionaires are involved in a failing mining company that is tied with a canadian tribe that is receiving adrenochrome. What are their connections with China and say the Rothschilds?

Probably connections to the Rothschilds. Hell, I'd bet that they're using the Selkirk corp to do their dirty work in importing/exporting.

The wiki for Imperial Metals says that the Nevada mining op is current.


HP: I am looking at Mayo and such Clinics in AZ to see if I find any links. Buying copper to synthesize Adren. 

Found out Silver Oxide (Ag2O) is also used as an oxidizing agent for synthesis of Adrenochrome in addition to Copper. That ties in mining even more.

The 20kg(44.1lbs) of Adrenochrome that we confiscated is worth, at least, $100 billion - using research pricing.

We lab tested the Adrenochrome and came back as Human. The only to extract ingenious Epinephrine and a small bit of Adrenochrome is through the Adrenal Glands of recently killed Humans. Copper, Silver Oxide and serious other Minerals can be used to synthesis Adrenochrome from indigenous Epinephrine.

This link will take you  to Page TWO of the drop roll  if you wish to read it all yourself.

This is from the 3rd  page and Im going to use it for the Summary. You can read PAGE 3 HERE if you would like to read all of it yourself.


HP: The cargo was shipped from Cote D'Ivore via a shell company(AJAS Shipping and Freight), we and other Agencies around the Country have intercepted 15 Tractor-Trailers carrying 20kg(44.1lbs) of Adrenochrome each - 1,200kg/1,202.5 lbs. 1kg is worth $1.5bil on the market. All shipments were headed for Reservation in the Yukon Territory, Canada. That Reservation has a copper mine and cooper is needed for synthetic Andrenochrome production or extraction/conversion into Adrenochrome from indigenous Epinephrine secreted via the Adrenal Glands. Adrenochrome is a Neurotoxin, Date Rape drug, Mental/Schizophrenia inducer(read up on the Adrenochrome Hypothesis) and used in unofficial roles as booster to super-potent Opioids for targeted killing(Carfentanil and those classes). The US Secret Service was been contacted by myself, and we showed them all of the evidence. and I have spoken with them one on one(how I found out about the other trucks) due to use finding $100bil worth of potential cash. US$4.5 to US$6 trillion(in total) was trying to cross an International Border. The USSS Agents said that with the 15 trucks caught; it is likely 45 to 60 more crossed the Border successfully for a hand-off to new drivers into Calgary. I am still interviewing (interrogating) the driver that the Highway Patrol caught. I took the case off of them. 

Remember, I work for You :)





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  • Wow Yig. Intersting. And Continue to follow the White Rabbit10928815876?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • what happens if they don't get their "shot" of this sick perverted junk? Withdrawl like heroin? curious of outcome


    • Well, if you have noticed, some Hollywood actors arent looking so great lately. I dont think coming off of this is a very pretty sight to see. Serves them right for the insane amount of pain they have caused children and whomever else they are using ow to try and get that fix.

      They can all rot in hell as far as Im concerned and even that is to nice


    • well if the schizophernic stuff is possible i can only imagine...from my experience recovering from a stroke just picture your brain chemistry as a plate spinning on a pin...too much of anything and stuff goes wonky real quick...this stuff having the kind of regenerative effects we've heard about...well remember that this is your brain, this isyour brain on drugs D.A.R.E. commercial? throw in the indiana jones face melting scene and theyll be wishing for a bad acid trip instead...jmho

    • I had a stroke myself so I definitely get what you are saying. Some blank spots are gone forever now. The only merciful part to that is you dont know if it was treasured memories or not. So you arent "missing them."


  • great write up! ironic how these things get discovered by human error but i guess when youre dealing with monsters that are above the law it is to be expected. that 45 to 60 figure is being generous and who knows how long it was running smoothly prior. truly a remarkable species...capable of such evil i just hope our potential for good blows it away!

  • Interesting article


    • You are most welcome. Pretty crazy isnt it?

  • Now I know why my adoptive father and I have never gotten along.  For this reason and many others.  

    Approximately 10 years ago, (maybe less) A family friend to my "adoptive" parents spilled the beans when telling me about a new procedure my dad was having at the mayo clinic. I thought it sounded strange for a lot of reasons but wasn't suprised by their secrecy.  I asked about it once or twice when they were in town for a visit. I never got a response.  Only distractions and the topic would go dark.

    The more I thought about it over the years the more it irritated the crap out of me. Always lies and always secrets with these people.  

    I started to do some research and usually end up in a hole that was pretty deep, eerie and coincidental. So I would stop.  

    Ive never addressed it with them again and recently the so called "Christian" church goers  shared with me that their bodies would be donated to science and the Mayo Clinic specifically.  The gaslighting fake excuse was to "take all of the burden off me should they die someday". (Eye roll. I did actually ask for some ashes jokingly and adoptive mom asked "what for!?" and I said "for an ash tray")

    My adoptive father used to carry around an EpiPen everywhere he went. When I was little, we were fascinated by the fact that should he ever be attacked by a rabid swarm of bees, he'd be saved.  Well it happened a couple times, but the pen, was always "expired" (per my adoptive mother) and that always baffled my sister and I how lucky he was.   
    The same man that has used the Mayo clinic secretively for years to regenerate his out of shape, lazy old body now acts as if he's lance Armstrong.  There are so many similarities and coincidences far beyond this too...

    These people ARE sick.  Selfish, rich, hypocrites who bought their children and treated them like slaves.

    I think God with every fiber in my body that our souls will not be headed to the same place.   

    • Wow sounds like you had quite the childhood. Thats a lot to carry. Do you feel like you finally have your answers, or are you resigned to it just remaining always elusive?

This reply was deleted.

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